Creating tables

Hi team How can create table like image?? I try with grid, text, etc. but is complex. By the way, How can I fill text container with some color (like header of image)?? Thanks
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1 weeks ago

Started 16 August 2018 by ainclanmx

Full width GROUP or one-cell grid, global sidebar, vertical menu and tables?

Hi, 1. I would like to make a full width group containing my menu at the header, how is it done? 2. Also can I make a grid containing only one cell? 3. Is it possible to make a global sidebar that...
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18 September 2019

Started 15 September 2019 by rommelonglim

Custom Styles

Hi! Under Theme>Headings and Text, the Add button is disabled. Wouldn't it be nice to have the ability to add additional styles by simply adding HTML elements which can be named and styled? There...
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04 March 2019

Started 03 March 2019 by rpoy