If the site is large, can some pages be placed in separate folders? If so, how to do it?
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31 July 2019

Started 31 July 2019 by komitell2

Confusing Folder and Export

Hi, as I wrote before, I´ve lost all my own pictures. If I look in mydocuments/nicepage/project name/ I can see the folder "nicepage_removed". Also I´m also confused, if I export a project and than...
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15 April 2019

Started 23 February 2019 by kontakt27

When will be Folders/Subfolders for subpages available?

When will subfolders-creation for subpages/categories available? I need it to keep my current folder-structures like this: Nicepage put everything into the same...
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27 February 2019

Started 26 February 2019 by wetterblumen