share sections throughout projects

It would be nice to have the ability to save sections / blocks to use throughout different projects
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Latest By Auguste

14 July 2020

Started 23 March 2019 by T-3-Gunner

Feature: Rounded Corners with attributes

I would like to request a rounded corners feature for containers and sections. And also an option that one can choose which corners of a specific element to be rounded. For instance, I only want to...
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Latest By Tony

25 June 2020

Started 11 October 2018 by Meyer VPA

Any chance for adding animations in the future?

Hi Nicepage Team, I really like the direction you are taking here :) I was wandering if there will be any way to add animations for hover or things like that? something like you did in themler? based...
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Latest By Support Team

27 November 2019

Started 29 April 2018 by shaulhadar

Joomla module as Nicepage section

Hi. Can you create a Nicepage Module for Joomla that will load Nicepage editor, like a plugin did it in Articles? This will be helpfull if for some reason I want to use in Articles my default editor...
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Latest By Vitaliy WD

21 November 2019

Started 09 October 2018 by Vitaliy WD

In line text editing

The ability to open a text block in the equivalent of the "text" view in WordPress (rather than the current Visual view) to enable html code to be added. For example, being able the add <span>...
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18 November 2019

Started 16 December 2018 by

Sorting pages alphabetically Dashboard/Display

Some form of listing/sorting pages alphabetically within the Nicepage Dashboard/Display
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Latest By Central Tech

13 November 2019

Started 26 September 2018 by Chae

Back to the top button

The ability to turn on on a page by page basis a back to the top button that appears after the visitor has begun to scroll down the page. The button to be styleable by background colour, shape (square...
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Latest By Vogue Web Services

03 August 2019

Started 16 December 2018 by

Features/Services sections need hover effects and link options!

Hello, Nicepage Team. Hope you are having a good day. Well, I don´t know you, but I think most Nicepage users/members would love that "All grids, sections, containers, and other many objects or...
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Latest By Support Team

04 July 2019

Started 22 March 2019 by LGALLP

Can we directly link a video from the project folder?

I desperately need to be able to put a video in a site I am designing. Customer needs it now. The built-in video control does not allow the scaling of a video. I have tried to use an HTML object and...
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Latest By Support Team

26 December 2018

Started 03 December 2018 by ljordan2

Image Icon List

An image icon list where a list can be created with each item having a Font Awesome selectable icon where the size and spacing of the icon and its text can be separately set.
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Latest By Support Team

17 December 2018

Started 16 December 2018 by