Text style for photo caption with Lightbox effect

Is it possible choose text style for photo caption with Lightbox effect when it is in fullscreen?
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6 days ago

Started 1 weeks ago by Stekkia

Click for a lightbox

I need to create a link that when clicked will open to a lightbox with content. What I'm trying to do is what you find at https://lishotto.wixsite.com/bergvlietdentaldms/our-team and when you click on...
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30 April 2020

Started 27 March 2020 by Romuba

Lightbox on images placed into a slider

Hello team, any chance to use lightbox on images placed into slider (images are set not as a background, but as a standard image, e.g. with cover option)? I am expecting, that there will be more...
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10 April 2020

Started 02 January 2020 by michal84

Any chance to click the image, in order to display the text in "lightbox-like" view?

Hell team, is there any chance to use the image for displaying the text above the rest of the page, like it is made for example on site www.azvino.eu ? Thanks a lot for your answer, or placing my...
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16 March 2020

Started 14 March 2020 by michal84

Lightbox: caption on images.

Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to add a text caption over images in lightbox. I mean when you click on them and they open, I would like a text over them. In other versions of lightbox, for...
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28 October 2019

Started 27 October 2019 by desimone72

Gallery - Album

Hi, it would be nice if you can add some Gallery/Album sections. This time i find only the lightbox-presentation for the pictures. hopefully Johannes
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22 October 2019

Started 17 October 2018 by j.jm2