Themler + Nicepage Framework

Hello, I mostly use Joomla and wonder if Themler and Nicepage can be like the other top Joomla developer's multi-site creation systems. The top template designers have a page builder for their clients...
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4 days ago

Started 04 July 2019 by daveozric

Nicepage is "not yet" a real framework :)

Hello :) We have meanwhile found the following very important functions when working with Nicepage which we miss and which are incredibly important for a CMS framework: 1 We can't copy sections...
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09 September 2019

Started 01 September 2019 by nd

Nicepage framework

Hi. As I know Nicepage have own framework, right? The question is: will be Nicepage theme compatible with many of Joomla/WP extentions that created by Bootstrap 3/4? From Themler forum I read this...
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10 October 2018

Started 09 October 2018 by Vitaliy WD