Themler + Nicepage Framework

Hello, I mostly use Joomla and wonder if Themler and Nicepage can be like the other top Joomla developer's multi-site creation systems. The top template designers have a page builder for their clients...
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25 December 2019

Started 04 July 2019 by daveozric

What is the framework

As Nicepage is not built on Bootstrap what is the framework it uses? Is it possible to run Bootstrap inside a Nicepage site so bootstrap functionality can be used?
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18 November 2019

Started 14 November 2019 by

Nicepage is "not yet" a real framework :)

Hello :) We have meanwhile found the following very important functions when working with Nicepage which we miss and which are incredibly important for a CMS framework: 1 We can't copy sections...
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09 September 2019

Started 01 September 2019 by nd

Nicepage framework

Hi. As I know Nicepage have own framework, right? The question is: will be Nicepage theme compatible with many of Joomla/WP extentions that created by Bootstrap 3/4? From Themler forum I read this...
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10 October 2018

Started 09 October 2018 by Vitaliy WD