Need Ability To Copy Sections And Controls Form Page to Page in WordPress

When working remotely in WordPress having to completely redo similar section, forms slows the workflow when adding content to new pages. NicePage really needs the ability to duplicate pages, sections...
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23 November 2019

Started 10 January 2019 by dmarchione

Page duplication

Hi team I thing are usefull in some cases: Duplicate page. Maybe I can set one page and use it as template and do minor changes. So my wish is duplicate pages. Thanks
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04 March 2019

Started 24 August 2018 by ainclanmx

How do I duplicate a website within Nicepage Desktop App

I would like to duplicate a Website Template I have designed with the Nicepage Windows Desktop App. I would like to create several different themes to present to a customer but without having to start...
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28 February 2019

Started 27 February 2019 by mwlake08

Duplicate section

Can you duplicate a section in a page to another page? Joomla.
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28 November 2018

Started 14 November 2018 by ifawcett