Cannot save changes in Live Site Backend

Dear Support Team, when I take changes via Nice Page in the Backend, I cannot save them. I "edit with nicepage", there edit the text or a hyperlink, then click Button "Save" and get this Bug...
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1 hour ago

Started 1 hour ago by Anja

Нет возможности сохранить сайт на компьютере.

После установки последней версии я уже не могу сохранить сайт в html на компьютере сделанный в вашем конструкторе, так и должно быть?
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20 January 2020

Started 18 January 2020 by vadikmag2

Work done didn't save

Reporting an issue where I lost an hour's worth of work after the nicepage desktop windows application asked me to sign in or it wouldn't save. So I did and then waited and then closed nicepage. I...
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09 January 2019

Started 12 August 2018 by galactic.adept.919