What's New In This Update?

  • New Gallery with Image Thumbnails
  • Modal Popup Element Released
  • New Modal Popup Events
  • Product Details Element for WooCommerce and VirtueMart Released
  • New Product Image Gallery Element (Beta)
  • Product Variations Element
  • Color Transparency
  • Personal License Changes
  • New Block and Template Designs

New Gallery with Image Thumbnails (Beta)

We have added the new layout for the Image Gallery, the Gallery with Image Thumbnails.


Add Gallery with Image Thumbnails

You can add the Gallery with Image Thumbnails.


And Image Thumbnails from Slider.


Image Thumbnails Layout

You can now change the layout to the Gallery with Image Thumbnails for any existing Image Gallery.


Image Thumbnails Options

You can specify the Height, Width for the Thumbnails, and the padding around and spacing between them.


Image Thumbnails in Responsive Modes

In the Responsive Modes, the Image Thumbnails are placed in a horizontal row.


Modal Popup Element Released

We have released the Modal Popup Element.


Modal Popup Mode

Now, in the Modal Popup Mode, we show only the Modal Popup block in the Block List.


We have enabled the Outline Tab to show Elements of the Modal Popup.


New Modal Popup Events: Show On Timer and On Page Exit

We have added two options for showing the Modal Popup, on Timer and Page Exit.

Show Modal Popup On Timer

Now you can show the Modal Popup dialog after some specified time.


Show Modal Popup On Page Exit

You can also show the Modal Popup when the website's visitors move a mouse to close the browser tab.


Selecting Pages to Show Modal Popup

You can also specify pages on which you will show the Modal Popup both for the On Timer and On Page Exit options.


Modal Popup Theme Export

If there is a Modal Popup used in the Header, Footer, Blog, or Post Templates, it will be exported together with a Theme or Template.


Renaming Modal Popups

You can rename Modal Popups to distinguish in the Theme -> Modal Popup List.


Modal Popup Closes On Button Click

Besides, the Modal Popup will automatically close after pressing any button on the dialog. For example, if a user clicks the Button on a form, the Modal Popup will close automatically.


Product Details Element for WooCommerce and VirtueMart Released

We have fixed issues, and we have released the Product Details Element. We have also added the Product Variations and Product Gallery Elements for the Product Details.

Please note that the Product Details Element is also available only for the Pro and Ultimate License users.


Product Image Gallery Element (Beta)

We have added the Product Image Gallery Element.


Product Variations Element

We have also added the Product Variations Element. If a Product has several variations, then you will see all of those in one Element.


Color Transparency

We have added the Transparency for the Color Picker.


Wide Elements Width

Now we show the 100% value in the Width field for the Wide Elements. You can edit the Width in this case as well. Before, there was the Sheet Width value.


Personal License Changes

We have fixed the bug with the Custom Color and Font in the Personal License. In the Pricing Table on the Nicepage Premium page, you see that those options are blank, therefore, should not be available. All used custom colors and fonts will stay unchanged, meaning that all existing Nicepage Projects will not be affected. However, users with the Personal License will not be able to add new custom Colors and Fonts.

Work in Progress

  • Started to work on Products and Product Details Templates for the WooCommerce Theme and VirtueMart Template.

Nicepage University

We have added the new video for the Nicepage University about Using Blocks.

Fixed Issues

  • Modal Popups were not exported in the Nicepage Online
  • Modal Popups did not work in the Quick Preview
  • Exit Modal Popup Mode button now is always available
  • Crashing while collapsing an image in the Modal Popup
  • Incorrect message while adding the Product List and Product Details in the Nicepage Online
  • No display of the currency symbol for the Product Price on the Product Details for WooCommerce
  • Deleting icon on the Button after editing Button in the Edit Link dialog
  • Some designs had extra spacing for the Menu Items in the Off-Canvas Panel
  • Crashing while editing the Theme -> Headings and Text -> Hyperlink
  • List Item Fill in the List Repeater could change to the same for all cells while editing the nested Group
  • Misplacing while resizing expanded-height Element vertically
  • Misplacing for the Group Height while dragging and dropping of the nested Elements
  • Misplacing while adding an Element by clicking on the context Plus
  • Misplacing while sending to back in the Block
  • Arrangement Change for the Text and Image while 50% hovering of Text and Image

Block and Page Designs

We have created new block and page designs for this update.