10 000+ gratis mallar 2024

Gratis nedladdning av de bästa mallarna för flerfunktionswebbplatser. Bygg responsiva, helt anpassningsbara webbplatser med en enkel dra-och-släpp-mallbyggare.

Populära mallkategorier

Välj de bästa mallarna och använd vår visuella mallredigerare för att lägga till och ändra innehållet utan kodning. Utformningen av en sidmall ser bra ut på alla moderna enheter.

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Du kan välja mallar från våra senaste responsiva mallar och sedan anpassa dem med den kodfria drag-och-släpp-mallredigeraren.


Möt våra unika flerfunktionsblockmallar handplockade av det professionella designteamet. Ändra utformningen av blockmallar med vår kraftfulla editor.

Text På Bild Mallar Funktioner Mallar Reglage för full bredd Mallar Kontakter Mallar Om oss Mallar Bred Mallar Former Mallar Över Grid Mallar Dela Mallar Bilder i lager Mallar Grupp Mallar Kakel Mallar Galleri Mallar Överlappande block Mallar Rutnät Mallar Skjutreglage Mallar Tredjedelar Mallar Grid Repeater Mallar Modal popup Mallar Blogginlägg Mallar Produktlista Mallar Produktinformation Mallar Video Mallar Rekommendationer Mallar Varumärken Mallar Disken Mallar Kontaktformulär Mallar Text Mallar Text & knapp Mallar Prissättning Mallar Tabell Mallar Team Mallar Dragspel Mallar Flikar Mallar Social Mallar FAQ Mallar

15,000+ fantastiska mallar från 2024

Välj bland över 15,000 mallar från portföljen, affärer, mode, teknik, utbildning, blogg och andra trendiga teman. Alla mallar är fullt responsiva och tillgängliga gratis.

Templates with Nicepage

Many people want to have an online presence besides email, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media. They need a website, personal blog, portfolio, landing pages for a store, online stores, email marketing template, a business website for a real estate agency, marketing company, etc. Most of them are afraid even to think about such things as a website, blog, web design, maps, templates, media, brand, eCommerce templates, responsive templates website, etc. People do not know how to start, what to create and tools to use, what design tools and features are best, what are best practices in general, whether they need a website builder or website design apps, have cover letters, logo or logo maker. It depends on the fact that beautiful websites require graphic design and coding made by professional web designers and web developers. Nobody thinks of a responsive website with a free design.

Engaging Customers

What do you get if you start with a template? Intuitive drag and drop editor. You can inspire your friends and surprise any community with a new website featured with professional graphic design. Browse and choose from thousands of new and popular design templates popular to fulfill any plans and resources, regardless if you need website for business, online store, product, support, social, terms, privacy, policy, pricing, contact, log, and service pages. Today, you can use a site template as a home page or dashboard engaging customers. Templates can be useful for presentation stories, press card brochures, resume covers for careers, schedule events, certificates, in general, to sell or present anything online. For example, decor artists can publish designs as photo galleries, agencies can show and plan achievements, affiliates can learn about the process, and students can provide resumes in English and other languages. There are featured templates popular for small sites about life, winter, and summer, in white and dark, to tell a story, review. All you need is text and photo content.

Responsive Templates

However, responsive website templates by Nicepage make this work easy, beautiful, and creative. Our high-quality free design templates help anyone build a professional free website without learning, education, books, teachers, and need to be students of graphic design online courses. Each template comes with media graphics, which you can later use for social media graphics, Twitter and Instagram posts, and ads. It can also be suitable for other products, like a media kit, posters, flyers, cards, postcards, business cards, gift cards, video posters, channel art, youtube thumbnails, etc. Anyone from novice users to blogging professionals of a high level can use Nicepage for their top projects and affiliate collaboration.

You can create an account and profile and access the platform's center assets, including various videos and tutorials to learn how to use Nicepage for enterprise businesses, small business and services, customize and manage ready themes, find ideas, check data and content. Suppose you have Facebook and Linkedin skills and have some experience with Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, cms, cookies, domain, and hosting, and you want to know anything like HTML, code, webinars. In that case, this information may be a good share. At that, you can pick from all feature collections, items, and perfect with year updates.

Template Categories

You can easily choose themes templates designed for various categories to create a site for an event, travel, holiday, family, health, wedding, studio, fitness, restaurant, food, Christmas, legal, industry, photography, nonprofit, consulting, and invitation. Add multiple photos, documents, visual infographics, and other digital materials, or get started from blank. All solutions are customizable. You can use stock images and other items, like logos, background, headers, even for something specific like a custom sitemap, shopping cart, greeting flyer, news, accessibility calendars, shop invitations, music charts, text, bar and chart reports, or eye-catching infographic presentations. Starting a page in the app or plugin, you have the full functionality to edit each mobile view, having it ready in minutes and saving much time.

Using free templates professionally designed with Nicepage, you get everything you need to create any modern web project in clicks for free, becoming a web designer. You do not need to have premium training, to hire pro designers, expert developer, or management teams. You can create beautiful pages based on free online templates website design templates. It's a huge step ahead of the market competition and a sign of hundreds in sale figures. Follow us on social networks and our forum or help center.

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