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Can I import an existing template from Joomla or Artisteer?
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24 November 2019

Started 02 August 2018 by rene

Creating a template for Joomshopping

Hello I'm thinking of buying a premium Pro. You plan to implement the development of templates for Joomshopping? Official website of the component -...
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12 July 2019

Started 12 July 2019 by Sairus

Make It Optional To create Joomla Menus when importing Nicepage Content

Hi! When importing the Nicepage Content into Joomla, I would like to have the option to import the Nicepage created menus. In almost all cases, the site structure is already created and I have the...
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28 June 2019

Started 27 June 2019 by rpoy

Access to joomla images folder

While creating and editing articles in Joomla with the nicepage plugin, no access is possible to link to images and other medias (e.g. pdf) that already are in the main joomla images folder. It must...
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04 June 2019

Started 17 January 2019 by

Duplicate section

Can you duplicate a section in a page to another page? Joomla.
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28 November 2018

Started 14 November 2018 by ifawcett

How do i get the changes i made online in chrome to my desktop version?

I would like to work both ways, make change on the road in the online version in chrome and then when I am back in the office on the desktop version. However I don't see the changes I made on the road...
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24 October 2018

Started 18 October 2018 by ifawcett