What's New In This Update?

  • New Slider Element (Beta)
  • Video Upload in WordPress and Joomla
  • Lazy Loading for Videos and Background Images
  • Modified Zones for Element Switching
  • Adding Link and Button to Table
  • Dragging and Dropping of Tab Items
  • Table Cell Height
  • University Videos
  • New Block and Page designs

New Slider Element (Beta)

You can add the new Slider Element to a Block. The Slider can have any size, for example, not the same size as Block.


Slider and Full-Width Slider

The new Slider is the Boxed Element, and can have different widths, when the existing Full-Width Slider is only full width.


Slider Resizing

You can set the Slider size not the same size as Block.


Slider Properties

For the new Slider Element, you can use the same options as the Block Slider to customize the Animation, Arrows, and Indicators.


Adding New Slide

You can add a new empty slide in the Slider Element or duplicate any existing one.


Elements in Slides

Each Slide can have a different set of added Elements.


Element and Slider Animation

We have supported the same Animation Settings for the Slider Element as for the Full-Width Slides.


You can also animate Elements added to the Slides of the Slider Element.


You can enable the Animation for each added Element in the Property Panel as usual.


Video Upload in WordPress and Joomla

We have supported the Video Upload for WordPress and Joomla.


Lazy Loading for Videos and Background Images

In the previous update, we have added the Lazy Uploading for images. In the current we have supported this feature for videos and background images.


Modified Zones for Element Switching

We have changed the zones shown on Element dragging to improve the Element switching visually.


Adding Link and Button to Table

You can now select a Link or Button from the dropdown list while adding a Link to the Table Cell.


Dragging and Dropping of Tabs

We have supported dragging and dropping for reordering the Items in the Tabs Element.


Table Cell Height

You can change the Table Cell Height in the Editor.


You can also select several Table Cells and change their Height in the Property Panel.


Hiding File Size Warning

If the size of the exported file big, then you see the dialog warning you about this. We have added the option allowing you to hide this warning.


Applying Values in Property Panel

Our usability tests showed that many users had problems setting the exact values of Width and Height in the Property Panel. We have disabled the applying values while editing inputs in the Property Panel.


Work In Process

We are continuing to work on a Slider for the Image Gallery.


Nicepage University

We have added the new videos for the Nicepage University about using the Menu in WordPress and Joomla.

WordPress Menu with Plugin

Joomla Menu with Extension

Fixed Issues

  • Featured Image, Blog shows the first image in content for WP and Joomla
  • Extra Spaces before and after while adding an icon to Button
  • Custom Label in the Edit Link Dialog in the WP Plugin and Joomla Extension
  • Magnets while resizing the Post Image
  • Move Arrows for Contact Form
  • Post Image in Blog Posts Element
  • Adding Elements to Tabs' Items.
  • Bottom Border in the Menu
  • Extra indentation after enabling the List Spacing
  • Hanging Preview on saving
  • Adding a new Slide to Slider
  • Alignment of inline Form fields
  • Form Select field
  • Send E-mail with PHP-Script Form Submit
  • Responsiveness for blocks created with previous versions
  • Responsiveness for the Tab Element
  • Edit link in Joomla
  • Image in the Responsive Menu Panel in Joomla
  • Hyperlink in Text
  • Applying Palette Color to arrows
  • Button in List Element

Block and Page Designs

We have designed new blocks and page templates for this update.


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