Two things I'd really like to see in Nice Page

The 2 things I'd really like to see in the future: 1. Page Template - Currently, pages created in WordPress seem to use the Post Template. I think we need a Page Template to go along with the Post...
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11 January 2019

Started 10 January 2019 by CherylAoife

Problem with Slider

Hi NicePage Team, using NicePage 1.0.68 the left and right arrows of the Slider are not shown with Internet Explorer. With Firefox the Slider works fine. Regards Markus
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03 September 2018

Started 03 September 2018 by marcor

Won't use this product unless it's available in browsers other than Chrome and Safari

I'm sorry, but I do not use Chrome or Safari and I have no intention of using either just so I can use your product. I've been a devoted user of Artisteer - and still use it even though it's outdated...
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20 August 2018

Started 18 August 2018 by CherylAoife