What's New In This Update?

  • Image Gallery Improvements
  • Image Gallery and Slider Block Categories
  • Actual Menu in WordPress Plugin and Joomla Extension
  • Search for My Images
  • Form Phone Mask
  • University Videos
  • Updated Premium Plans

Image Gallery Element

Add Multiple Images By Dragging

Drag several images from your desktop to a Blank Block, and get the Image Gallery Element containing those images automatically.


Replace Image By Dragging

Drag images to the Image Gallery from your desktop to replace.


Image Gallery Block Category

We have added a new Image Gallery Block Category with Blocks based on the new Gallery Element. The Old Gallery Category, based on the Grid Element, is now Image Grid.


Double Click to Change Image

Added the double click to change the Gallery Image.


Image Gallery and Image Properties

It was complicated to select Image Gallery Properties. Now you can click on the image and view the Image Gallery and Image Properties at the same place in the Property Panel.


Showing Text on Image While Editing

While editing the Title or Text in the Property Panel, the changes are displayed in the Editor.


Proportional Image Resize

The Image Gallery Image resized proportionally in the Mobile Views.


Image Gallery Dragging Area

We have expanded the Image Gallery Dragging Area to simply the Image Gallery Movement.


Add Icon for Image Gallery

We have added the Add Icon to insert a new image to the Image Gallery .


Title and Text in Image Lightbox

Displaying of the Title and Description in the Image Lightbox


Spacing Between Texts

We have added the Spacing Property to add spacing between texts.


Animation Duration

Fixed the Duration for all Animation Types


Contact Form Phone Mask

We have added the mask for the Phone Type and custom pattern.


Group Resize

The usability showed that many users had problems with resizing the Group having paddings. We have fixed this. Please note, for now, it works if only there is no Vertical Alignment for Elements in the Group.


Actual Menu Items in Wordpress Plugin and Joomla Extension

In the previous versions, the Menu displayed the sample data for design purposes only. Now for the Wordpress Plugin and Joomla Extension, you can see the real Menu items from your CMS.


One-Page Designs

The Links to Blocks in the Menu become active if you reach the anchored Block while scrolling.


Slider Block Category

We have found out that "slide" and "slider" are popular searches in the Add Panel. Therefore, we have added a new Slider Block Category with Sliders.


Search for My Images

We have added the Search for My Images.


Nicepage Loading

We have migrated from the Application Cache technology to the Service Workers. It allows you to keep Nicepage in the browser cache and speed up the launching of Nicepage inside CMS. It will also enable the prevention of errors related to the Nicepage start when browsers stop supporting the older Application Cache technology.

If you have any problems with loading of Nicepage, please contact Support.

Nicepage University

We have added the new videos for the Nicepage University.

Export and Update of WordPress Theme

Export and Update of WordPress Content

We do appreciate your comments and feedback, and we will use those to improve the videos.

Updated Premium Plans

  1. We have combined the Premium License and Subscription Plans on one page.
  2. We have added the Application Pack to the Subscription Plans. Now the Subscription Plans include all Nicepage solutions.

If you have any questions or proposals, please contact Support.


Fixed Issues

  • Animation in Blocks after Undo / Redo
  • Several problems with hangings while exporting to HTML
  • Supported the export to network shares and SMB
  • Radius for Form Inputs
  • Click to Hamburger Icon for the WP Theme and Plugin
  • other minor fixes.

4000+ Block Designs

We have added about 200 new block designs since the last update. And now we have 4000+ designs.


Page Templates

We have added new page templates with this update.


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