What's New In This Update?

  • Theme: Typography for Mobile Views
  • Website: Embed Google Fonts
  • Form: Custom Fields in MailChimp
  • Form: Select Field
  • UI: Moved Design
  • UI: Optimized Dashboard
  • UI: Emphasized Central Magnet
  • CMS: Auto-Save
  • Video Tutorials 2.0


Typography in Mobile Views

We have added the support for Typography in the Mobile Views. Now you can set the Font Properties for all Responsive Modes.


Embed Google Fonts

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires to embed the fonts. Therefore many users asked to add the inclusion of the used fonts into the site project. We have implemented this feature for the HTML export, and we are working on adding it to the exports to WordPress and Joomla in the future updates.



Custom Fields in MailChimp

We have support for custom fields in MailChimp.

Select Field Type

We have added the new Select Filed Type for the Form. You can also select the Select type between the Drop-Down or List Views.


User Interface

Design Blocks Moved

We have moved the position of the Design Blocks in the Add Blocks. Now the predesigned Blocks for your websites are more accessible.


Dashboard Optimized

We have optimized the Dashboard. Now it works much faster, and it was critical when the number of websites was more than a hundred.

Central Magnet

Many users could not find and snap to the Central Magnetigc Guides. We have made those more noticeable.


Locked Paddings

Now you can change the Paddings simultaneously holding the ALT key.



We have improved the Whitelabel. We hid the Theme options for the Client Licenses. Now you can easily switch between the Admin and Client License. It was quite tricky and unclear.

Icon Spacing

We have added the Spacing when you enable the Shape for the Icon.


We have added the support for the Auto-save feature in WordPress and Joomla.

Video Tutorials 2.0

We are working on new Video Tutorials 2.0. Please see the following examples:

Installation on Windows

Installation on Mac OS

The full list will be available later. We need your feedback on what you would like to see in videos, and how can we improve the tutorials.

Fixed Issues

  • Color cascading for the Block Header and Block Content in Footer
  • Color cascading for the List Links (UL LI)
  • PHP error while editing in Joomla
  • Problem with adding and editing Links in the Text control
  • Custom Form Fields for Mailchimp

New Block Designs

We have added about 100 new block designs since the last update.


New Page Templates

We have added new page templates with this update.


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