What's New In This Update?

  • Form: Submit with PHP Script
  • Form: Submit Options
  • Form: Button Alignment
  • Form: Separate Settings and Submit
  • Cookies: Usage Popup per EU Legislation
  • Cookies: Popup Properties
  • Back-To-Top: Toolbar Added
  • Add Block: Designs with Categories
  • Add Block: Theme Components
  • Properties: 100% Screen Height
  • Toolbar: Manual Text Size
  • Site Settings: Theme Components
  • Export: Used Images Only
  • WordPress: Plugin and Content Installation
  • Theme Menu: in WordPress and Joomla

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Separate Form Submit and Settings

We have divided Form Settings into two sections separating the Form Submit.


Form Submit Options

In Nicepage Desktop Applications, we have added the Form Submit options in the Property Panel. There is also the new "Send Email with PHP Script" option.


Form Button Alignment

Our usability tests showed that many users looked for the Button Align option in the Property Panel. Therefore, we have added it to the usual place.


Toolbar for Back-To-Top

We have added a standard toolbar for the Back-To-Top Control.


Cookie Usage Popup per the European Union Legislation

The European Union Legislation requires to inform visitors if there are cookies used on a website.


Cookies Popup Properties

To activate the popup, you have to enable the Cookies Popup option in the Property Panel.


Add Block

Designs in Blocks

We have added the link to Designs into the Block thumbnails.


Design Categories in Add Block

We have added categories to be visible at once when you add Block Designs.


Theme Components in Add Block

The usability tests showed that many users look for the Theme Components while adding Blocks. We have added the Theme Component Categories and Thumbnails to help.


100% Screen Height for Block

Many users asked about adding the Screen Height option in the Heights. We have supported entering of the 100vh for 100% viewport height option.



Manual Text Size in Toolbar

We have added manual editing of the Font Size into the Toolbar.


Theme Components in Site Settings

We have added the links to the Theme Components into the Site Settings per user requests.



Export of Used Images Only

Some users faced the problem that projects grew because of the export of unused images. We have added the option to allow exporting only the used images, which will reduce the project size.



Plugin Installation

Many users tend to forget to install the Nicepage Plugin after installation of the Theme exported from Nicepage. Therefore, we have added instructions reminding you to install the Plugin.


Content Installation

Also, many users forgot to install Theme Content.


Reminder to Start a New Page

We have added the Final Reminder to help to start working with Nicepage Plugin creating a new page or visiting a site.


Theme Menu in WordPress

We have added a menu with Theme Component in WordPress.


Theme Menu in Joomla

We have also added a menu with Theme Component in Joomla.


Menu Warning

Many users try to add the Menu and other Header and Footer Elements into other Blocks. We have added a warning to prevent that.


Fixed Issues With

  • Incorrect Project Message
  • Importing of large projects to Nicepage Online
  • Drag and drop zone display and timing
  • Link to Form Input Style
  • Responsive Modes for Wide Blocks
  • All Grids for Business License
  • Custom Label for the Menu
  • Menu anchor links
  • Page Preview in WordPress
  • Missing headers in preview in WordPress
  • Image dialog in Catalina 10.15.3
  • Blocks in Responsive
  • Closing of Color Preset List
  • Deleting of a From
  • Grid Snapping resulting in incorrect display in responsive modes
  • Application of Site Setting without saving
  • Plus icon in a Cell and Width popup
  • No reaction on changes in the UI

New Block Designs

We have added about 100 new block designs since the last update.


New Page Templates

We have added new page templates with this update.


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