Semi-transparent header

You now have the option for a colored or a transparent header. It would be very nice to have a 50% transparent header, so that the header (and menu) is less present, but still stands out a little from...
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18 September 2019

Started 31 January 2019 by pietercooreman

Use Tagline from WordPress Settings

How do I insert a Tagline which will be populated by the settings in WordPress? My Theme has a header with a Headline. This is populated in NicePage, but when I import the theme, it is over-written...
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06 February 2019

Started 01 February 2019 by john17

sliding headers

In Artisteer you could insert/makeup a header with more sliders. Is same foreseen in Nicepage?
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13 November 2018

Started 10 November 2018 by j.knaap2