What's New In This Update?

  • Copy and Paste Blocks in CMS
  • Image Slider Released
  • List Item Background
  • List and Image in Tablet Mode
  • Icon and Text in Responsive
  • Add Menu / Grid
  • Wrapping Links and Buttons in Text
  • Editing Text in Post Button
  • New University Video
  • New Design Blocks and Pages

Copy and Paste Block Between Pages in CMS

Per many WordPress and Joomla users' requests, now you can copy and paste Blocks from one page into another in WordPress and Joomla. It is essential for working in CMS.


Image Slider Released

Image Slider in Add -> Slider Section

Now you can choose the Image Slider while choosing Add -> Slider in the Add List.


Image Slider Arrow and Indicators

We have made the Arrows and Indicators for the Image Slider more contrasting by default.


Show Text

The Show Text option for the Image Slider is accessible from the upper level.


List Item Background

Before, you could set the Background in the List Element only for the current Item by default. Now, we have changed this behavior to set the Background for all items.


However, you can still switch this behavior for the current Item.


It works similarly for the Block Posts Element.

List and Image in Tablet

Now, starting from the Tablet Mode, the List Element is moved under the Image Element, if placed near each other in the Desktop or Laptop Modes.

The same rules are applied to all containers positioned near each other, including the Grid, Slider, and Group.


Icon and Text in Responsive

The Icon and Text Elements placed near each other do not overlap one another in the Responsive Modes. The spacing between the Elements is also preserved.

It is especially actual for the designs in Lists.


Add Menu / Grid

The Add -> Grid list now shows the Grid-based Presets and Designs instead of the Grid variations.


Wrapping Links and Buttons in Text

Now, if there is no enough space, the Links and Buttons are moved to the next line of the Text.


Editing Post Button Text

For the Blog Posts Element, now you can edit the text in the Post Button, and it will be the same in all Posts.


Link Text Color in Text Toolbar

We have shown the Text Color, not only the Background, in the Context Toolbar for the Inline Link in Text.


Resize Markers for Retina

We have fixed the blurring of the Resize Markers on the Retina Screen.


Work In Progress

  • wooCommerce and VirtueMart Products Element

Nicepage University

We have added the new video for the Nicepage University about the One-Page-Website Menu.

Fixed Issues

  • Keyboard Arrows did not change values in the Font Size property.
  • Text wrapping in Table Cells did not work in the Phone Mode.
  • Lazy Loading did not support the Post Image expanded to Background.
  • Form lost the Width when it was center-aligned in some cases.
  • Zone rearrangement was not prohibited in Responsive Modes. It broke the layout on bigger screens.
  • Sometimes the Editor froze while switching Slides in the Image Slider.
  • Several bugs while inserting Hyperlinks into Text.
  • Tabs were not displayed in the front end editor for Joomla.
  • Problems with small Image movement in the Editor.

Block and Page Designs

We have created new block and page designs for this update.


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