What's New In This Update?

  • New Image Slider Element (Beta)
  • Slider Layout for Gallery
  • Slider Element Released
  • Slide Change with Arrows (in Editor)
  • Circle Slider Indicators
  • Color and Size for Text Part
  • SEO: Canonical URL, Language and Country for Page
  • Uploaded Video Removal
  • University Videos
  • New Design Blocks and Pages

Image Slider (Beta)

We have added the Image Slider, which allows you to display the Gallery Images as Slides.


Adding Image Slider

You can add the Image Slider Elements in the Desktop Application and the WordPress Plugin and Joomla Extension.


Slider Layout for Gallery

You can also convert any existing Gallery into the Image Slider using the Layout option.


Image Slider Options

You can set the Slider Options for a Gallery.


Enabling Text for Image Slider

You can enable and disable the displaying of the Text for the Image Slider. Deactivating the Text Displaying for the Image Slider will not stop showing the Image Lightbox for this Gallery.


Image Slider Text Options

For the Image Slider, new Text Style options allow you to fill and add border the pane behind the Text.


Slider Released

Change Slide with Arrows (in Editor)

Now you can click on Slider Arrows to change Slides. Clicking the Slider Arrow plays the animation for switching slides in Preview.


Circle Slider Indicators

We have added the Shape property for the Slider Indicators. Now you can choose the Circle form for them.


Color and Size for Text Part

Many users asked about recoloring or changing the font size for the selected part in the Text. Now you can set the Custom Color for the selected Text.


We have also implemented that you can set the Custom Font Size for the selected Text.


Blocks and Designs in Add Elements

We see that, especially our new users hesitate to use Elements. Therefore, we have added a popup with the Blocks and Designs to help with examples from the Gallery, Slider, Full-Width Slider, List Repeater, Tabs, Social Icons, Video, Google Maps, and Counter Categories.


List Repeater Resize Markers

We have noticed that users are unable to find the markers to resize the List Repeater. Therefore we have added the same bar markers for the Items as for Grid Element.


SEO: Canonical URL, Language and Country Settings

We have added the Language and Country in the Site Settings used for the HTML Lang Attribute. We also have fixed how the Canonical URL works for SEO.


Video Removal

Now you can remove your previously uploaded videos from the Property Panel.


Project Upload for Starter Plan and Personal Editions Online

Many users asked about allowing to remove the last website in their Nicepage Online profile. We have realized that.


Work In Progress

  • wooCommerce and VirtalMart Products Element

Nicepage University

We have added the new videos for the Nicepage University about the Menu with Submenu Items and Off-Canvas Menu on Mobile Devices.

Menu with Submenu Items

Off-Canvas Menu on Mobile Devices

Fixed Issues

  • Saving Nicepage files to the Dropbox folder.
  • Preserving proportions for uploaded icons
  • Preserving settings while duplicating Slides
  • Indicator Borders applied to the container instead of an item
  • Canvas Shifting for some Icons.
  • Selecting the Light Text Color Option for the Menu Items
  • Setting Wide for the Grid in the Header
  • Object did not move with the Mouse after its selection in the Outline
  • Selection clearing while typing the value in the field in the Property Panel
  • Position of the duplicated Slide Item
  • reCaptcha keys were not removed on WordPress site after the deleting in Options
  • New Block Button is not shown anymore
  • Sidebar Width by dragging in the Responsive Modes
  • Unable to read properties in Joomla
  • Two major crashes in the Editor while editing Blocks
  • Crash while changing the Length property
  • Crash while dragging and dropping the Form Input

Block and Page Designs

We have designed new blocks and page templates for this update.


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