Welcome to Nicepage 2.0!

We are happy to announce that Nicepage has turned to 2.0.

During the last year, we have worked hard and released:

  • 25 updates
  • Over 100 new features
  • Over 2000 ready-to-use designs of pages and blocks
  • A collection of over 1,000,000 free images
  • and the Getting Started Interactive Tutorial.

Our users have created over 500,000 pages and blocks. Besides, we conducted over 100 usability tests with real users.

These usability tests helped us to improve the Editor and Properties. The newer tests proved that we found successful solutions for the previous problems, and the users could find the required features and began to create websites faster and easier!

What's in this update?

In this update, mainly, we have focused on fixing bugs and crashes. As a result, we have fixed twice more issues than usual. The voting results showed that only 23% of our users have problems, and that means that we are resolving issues successfully. Therefore, there we have released fewer features.

  • Voting Results
  • Joomla Position in the Menu Off-Canvas Panel
  • Operations with the Header
  • Header Overlapping in the Header Styles
  • Working with Typography
  • New Color Theme Settings
  • Design Blocks for Black Friday
  • Fixing bugs and crashes

Voting Results

Many users are continually asking about the list of upcoming features. To prioritize those features, we have conducted the Feature Voting and are presenting you with the results.

Features and Controls


What do you need the most in Nicepage?



Menu Off-Canvas Panel in Joomla Position

The Hamburger Menu Off-Canvas is a Panel that opens in the Responsive Modes by clicking on the Hamburger Button. In the UI, you can find it here:


In this update, you can add the Joomla Position into the Off-Canvas Panel.



Operations with the Header

The usability test showed that our users did not find the Header Operations in the Property Panel. Users looked for these operations in the Block Bar by the three-dot icon. We have added these operations there.


Property Panel

Working with Typography

If the Default Typography is used, then it is marked with the blue border. If you change the Typography Properties, then the blue border disappears, the Update button is shown.

Clicking on the Style Name restores the Default Typography. Clicking the Update button changes this Typography Style for the whole Theme.


This style is the default from the Theme, and it is marked with the blue border on the list.


If a style is changed, and you hover it, then the Preview on hover will show the default style. It is the hint to show that if you click on it, the Default Styles will be restored.


Header Overlapping in the Header Styles

Many users look for the Header Overlapping in the Header Block Styles. We have added the Style with Overlapping Header.


New Color Theme Settings

We show in the Theme -> Colors the Additional Colors. It looks now the same as in the Color Picker. You can change the color in the Theme Settings in one click. If you want to delete an Additional Color, the Delete operation is available on hover.


New Design Blocks

Black Friday

We have added the new collection of Blocks for Black Friday.


More Blocks Daily

We continue to add more Design Blocks every Day.



  • Fixed the issue with some menu items links exported incorrectly in WP
  • Fixed issues with the resizing grid cells in the responsive views
  • Fixed the issue with ProForms extension for Joomla
  • Fixed the issue with the Breadcrumbs module in Joomla
  • Fixed the issue with the PNG images inserted as the JPEG
  • Fixed the issue with the missing menu when cache enabled in Joomla
  • Fixed the crash with the Group resizing in the phone view
  • Fixed the align option not saved after copy/paste
  • The Post Image is now clickable on the Blog template
  • Fixed the issue with the incorrect title attribute for the buttons
  • Fixed the issue with the submenu styles not saved if the autosave option is switched off
  • Added some fixes to the White Label export
  • Added fixes for the issues with exporting the project
  • Other stability and performance improvements