What's New?

  • Edit / Delete Additional Colors
  • Header and Footer Styles
  • Multiple Select with Mouse
  • Editor: Add, Move and Resize improvements
  • Properties Window: Size to the top, new Background, and Hamburger options
  • Grid Flip, Rotate and Delete Cell options
  • Assign Hyperlink for Group, Cell, Shape, and Image
  • Open Folder After Export
  • 1000+ Block Designs

Editing Colors

Additional Colors

You can edit the additional color at once if it is selected. Other additional colors are modified by hovering them.


By clicking the Edit icon, you can change the color.


Theme Colors

Theme Colors can be now easily edited in the pop-up without navigating to the Theme >> Colors page.


Delete Color

The Delete icon appears in the color context toolbar on hover. If the color was previously used, it will be retained in the design but will be removed from the Pallete.


Preset Presentation

Header Styles

We have changed the way Header Styles are presented in the Property Panel -> Presets.


Footer Styles

Similarly, we have changed how the Footer Styles are presented in the Property Panel -> Presets.


Header And Footer From the Add Block Menu

Our usability tests show that many users expect Header and Footer Styles to be accessible from the Add Block Menu. Therefore, we have added these options.


Header And Footer Styles from the Toolbar

To make the Header and Footer styles even more accessible, we added a button to the Toolbar.


Multiple Select

Area Select

Now you can select several elements by selecting the area around them.


Align Multiply-Selected Items

You can align multiply-selected items by clicking the Arrangement.



Add Block Icon between blocks

We have added the Add Block icon to ease the adding blocks.


Distance Displaying

We have improved displaying of the distances.


Padding And Margin Increment

The statistic is showing that the most commonly used alteration value for Padding and Margin is 5px. Now the arrow is changing margin and padding with the 5px step. If you need custom values, you can always do that in the Property Panel.


Showing Central Magnet While Resizing Blocks

Now the central magnet is displayed while resizing the Block.


Single Menu for Adding

Many users had problems with understanding two different lists for adding blocks, containers, and elements. Many thought that some element did not exist. Now we are showing the full list of controls when using the Add option.


More Space After Footer In the Editor

We saw that it was hard to change the Footer Height as the lower marker was unreachable. This space is present only in the Editor and not on the exported websites.


Group Drag-And-Drop

We have added the special marker for identifying the Group. It also can be used to drag and drop the Group.


Property Panel

Improved Width and Height

We have improved the display of the Height and Width properties. It allows editing of these parameters efficiently.


Improved Hamburger Menu Option

We have changed the way Hamburger Menu option worked since many users had difficulties with using this function.


Background Type

We have changed the way the Background Types are presented.


Line Styles

We have improved the presentation of the Line Styles.



We have renamed this parameter to make it more intuitive.



Grid Flip

We have added the Grid Flip operation to make it easier to find the desired layout without accessing the Grid dialog.


Delete Cell

Now it is possible to delete cells.


Cell Gap Icon

We added an icon to illustrate the Cell Gap modification. We plan to improve this option further in the future.



Hyperlink Support

Now you can assign Hyperlink to Group, Cell, Shape, and Image controls.



Underline Presentation

We have improved the presentation of the Underline property for the Hyperlink.


Hyperlink Dialog

We have simplified the Hyperlink Dialog.



Open Folder After Export

Now we open the destination folder after the Export is completed.


Export Options for Content

We changed the Export dialog UI so the Folder or ZIP export option can be chosen easily.


Responsive Modes

Mobile View Tabs

We have changed the Responsive tabs in the user interface.


Best Practices

Group Dialog Changes

We have changed the dialog that recommends using Groups.


Interactive Tutorial Changes

Selecting of Designs

While taking the interactive tutorial, many new users selected only the pointed design. Now we have added one more arrow trying to explain that users can choose any of the designs in this step.



  • Fixed the issue with the display of images in the Joomla Preview with websites located on subdomains;
  • Fixed issue with copying cells;
  • Fixed issue with displaying images in the off-canvas menu;
  • Fixed issue with the list of pages in the Nicepage CMS Editor;
  • Fixed issue with Google Tag Manager;
  • Fixed issue with Rounded Shapes;
  • Fixed issue with the Nicepage Projects folder destination changing;
  • Improved the compatibility with Windows Defender in Real-Time Protection Mode;
  • Fixed the issue with the negative margins in the responsive modes;
  • Removed the "Updates and Announcements" for White Label;
  • Fixed the Text layout issues for the Sketches;
  • No px sign in the magnet tooltips to ease the UI;
  • Added hotkeys (Ctrl+B, Ctrl+U, Ctrl+I) for the Text;
  • Other fixes and improvements.

1000 Design Blocks

We are happy to present 1000 of Design Blocks!