What's New in This Update?

  • Support for Slide Swiping on Mobiles
  • Slider Arrows for Tablets and Phones
  • Icon In Text Spacing
  • Slide Item Navigator
  • Contact Form Button Height
  • 50+ New Google Fonts
  • Enhanced Drag and Drop Speed
  • New Block and Page Templates

Support for Slide Swiping on Mobiles

We have supported slide swiping for mobile device users with touch screens. The swiping now works automatically on all sliding Elements, including Slider, Image Slider, Product Image Slider, and Full-Width Slider.


Slider Arrows for Tablets and Phones

We have added the Slider Arrow to be shown on Tablets and Mobile Phones. Now you will see Slider Arrows for Tables and Phones on all sliding Elements, including Slider, Image Slider, Product Image Slider, and Full-Width Slider. We have added the Hide On Devices property to the Property Panel to enable the display of Slider Arrows on Mobile Views.


Icon In Text Spacing

We have added spacing for the Icon In Text. Now you do not need to use Spaces for adding the indent between the Icon and Text.


Slide Item Navigator

For your convenience, we have made the Slide Item Navigator smaller for the bigger amount of Slides. Before, if the Slider was not wide enough, the Slide Items' width was too big. Now, if the number of Slides is more than five, the Slide Item Navigator becomes smaller, automatically showing only numbers without words.


Contact Form Button Height

We have added the parameter for setting the Contact Form Button Height.


50+ New Google Fonts

We have renewed the available font list by adding 50+ New Google Fonts. We have also updated the Font Widths, and all popular and existing fonts got the new widths. For example, the Roboto Slab Font had four, and now it got nine Font Widths.


Enhanced Drag and Drop Speed

We are continuing to optimize the performance of the Drag and Drop operation. On average, the speed has increased five times on the bigger pages. We want to increase speed and improve the performance in the future even more.


Work In Progress

  • Image Gallery Carousel

Fixed Issues

  • Non-working back to the top on Product Templates in WordPress and Joomla
  • Inserting Image to the cursor position in the RichText Element
  • Toolbar blinking in the RichText Element while dragging and dropping images
  • Expanding smaller images while adding them to the RichText Element
  • Minor issues with Alt+Hover
  • Fill-Width Submit button did not show the width after editing the Page
  • Crashing while dragging and dropping an image from the windows explorer to the Rich Edit Element
  • Rare showing of the context menu for the previously selected Element
  • Impossible to change the font size in some projects
  • Rare malfunctioning of the Hide On option for Elements, if the plugin was used together with the third-party theme in WordPress and Joomla
  • Image sorting in the My Images Dialog in the Joomla Extension
  • Incorrect output of the post content by the Post Control in WordPress
  • Possibility to rename the Blog Template in the Edit Menu Item dialog, which caused crashings while opening Projects
  • Deleting of last Social Icon
  • Non-working Shape Border for the Shape Form
  • Non-working Menu for the eShop Module in Joomla
  • Sometimes, the links to pages in the Menu became blank
  • On a page with the Blog Posts Element, the Pagination did not work, if the Page was made Home in WordPress
  • Improved the error processing while opening pages unable to load

Block and Page Designs

We have created new block and page designs up to this update.