Feature: Tabs

A very nice feature would be if we can create tab elements in our theme templates.
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24 November 2019

Started 30 October 2018 by Meyer VPA

Please add "tabbed, accordion and FAQ" content sections/builders directly into Nicepage

I know there are several plugins that can be used to create tabbed, accordion and FAQ content in Wordpress, but I think they are important things that should be able to create directly into Nicepage...
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18 October 2019

Started 14 May 2019 by LGALLP

Tabs for filtering content (images)

Is there a way to add tabs to the website, so that the users can toggle between images. Like having tags filtering for images, such as: 'Illustration', 'Characters', etc.
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10 June 2019

Started 07 June 2019 by nikhil.jolly30

Custom Styles

Hi! Under Theme>Headings and Text, the Add button is disabled. Wouldn't it be nice to have the ability to add additional styles by simply adding HTML elements which can be named and styled? There...
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04 March 2019

Started 03 March 2019 by rpoy