Slider in mobile version, we need the finger slide to work

Hello nice page team, how can we do that in the available versions the slider with the finger of the slider can work? We have noticed that it does not work naturally and is a functionality that would...
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3 weeks ago

Started 11 November 2019 by spatier

Lightbox on images placed into a slider

Hello team, any chance to use lightbox on images placed into slider (images are set not as a background, but as a standard image, e.g. with cover option)? I am expecting, that there will be more...
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06 January 2020

Started 02 January 2020 by michal84

Slider does not move on smartphone with touch screen when swiping.

I can not move the slide of images with the touchscreen of the smartphone. Just let go with the keypad of the Slider. Sorry for my English, I speak and I write in Spanish, but I am using Google...
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18 November 2019

Started 24 February 2019 by hectorleal

Slider Question

How do you, or is it possible to set the slider to play continuously? I have looked around, but could not find a setting to do this. If it cannot be set to play continuously I would like to add this...
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16 January 2019

Started 23 November 2018 by ljordan2