Bugs when switching to responsive modes

I buyed the program for designing new web pages but it is still is useless... I tried to design a new website for my company. I made all my slides and sections from the home page nice in every view of...
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3 weeks ago

Started 16 November 2018 by jelle.buelens

Responsive page - what is your experience?

Hello guys After a while I tried (again) to create a page with nice page. I was using pre-designed sections, but every time I have to change some dimension, mostly height, there is just too much work...
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06 June 2019

Started 01 June 2019 by whdmike

Section with grid and four pictures incorrect in tablet portrait mode

I made a grid with four pictures. It´s okay in all responsive modes, but in the tablet portrait mode one complete line ist missing, so I can only see two pictures.
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13 May 2019

Started 01 May 2019 by kontakt27

Resposiveness of Ready To Use Templates A Mess

Is it just me or do others have the same experience? The ready to use templates look awesome, but once you have a look at it in responsive view it is a mess of jumbled elements. Most are almost...
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12 March 2019

Started 26 January 2019 by Meyer VPA

Grid or Container

How is it possible to create such as attached file in NP, it has to stay horizontal in all responsive mode, do to it is a cheme presenting weekly opening hours in a sekretary....
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04 March 2019

Started 03 March 2019 by torbenspetersen

Sections and containers

I don't understand how this works, but I don't get it your concept behind sections. If I want to have responsive site, I need to work with containers. But why sections are not already the containers?...
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03 December 2018

Started 01 December 2018 by whdmike