Pinned button and modal window on every page

I need to create a button that is pinned to the bottom of the Header section and when clicked to display a modal window. The sample is found at This...
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Latest By Romuba

24 April 2020

Started 22 April 2020 by Romuba

The scroll bar in the popup window, continuing the theme

Hello! I love working on your Nicepadge platform! Thank you for a great tool!!! I am a designer and do not know how to write code, so I carefully study the capabilities of your Nicepadge editor...
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Latest By chuparskiyroman

18 April 2020

Started 18 April 2020 by chuparskiyroman

Popup Model

I want to have a Model that pops up over my page when I click on a button. The contents of the model will be an iframe. What is the best way to do this?
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10 April 2020

Started 04 October 2018 by clickcomp

Nicepage Native Modal

It would good to have a "native" Nicepage popup modal that could be dragged onto a page as a widget with settings like animation in/out, overlay yes/no, overlay color, final position, where it arrives...
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07 November 2019

Started 12 February 2019 by