Errors in Joomla

The Nicepage editor is great. But I'm going through hell to get the Joomla Plugin to save any edits. I'm already aware of the mod_security conflict and I'm going back and forth with my web host as...
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Started 5 hours ago by trenton_hunt2

program error and shut down

I am trying to create a NEW website using page builder. After I highlight the photos I want to use in my design I get an error message and I am forced to close the program, see image attached
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5 weeks ago

Started 21 April 2019 by T-3-Gunner

Error reloading page, page was deleted as well

Was working on a webpage in Wordpress, the page was deleted which is really ticking me off that this happened. And I get an error message "an error occurred, please reload nicepage" !!!
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09 April 2019

Started 07 April 2019 by wmolti

Preview and update broken - Failed to send request:

Ever since I did an update the preview and update are broken- I have not been able to work on my website for over a week now because I keep getting this error message. Failed to send...
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26 February 2019

Started 22 February 2019 by robertmerced