Please add a back to top button :)

Hi nicepage team. I am working on my mobile versions, and if we could have a back to top button added, it would be great... In really long pages, it can help a lot, and make a big difference in the...
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05 November 2019

Started 22 August 2018 by shaulhadar

Back to the top button

The ability to turn on on a page by page basis a back to the top button that appears after the visitor has begun to scroll down the page. The button to be styleable by background colour, shape (square...
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03 August 2019

Started 16 December 2018 by

Page Soft scrolling

Hello dear Team, Is there a possibility of page soft scrolling ( go up button, or link to page) in Nicepage? If not, please add to the wishlist. Thank you Torsten
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22 March 2019

Started 22 March 2019 by ToKo

top arrow of the site

I can not find how to insert an icon at the bottom of the page to send at the top of the page Thank you
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18 March 2019

Started 10 March 2019 by claude.delesse