How To Animate Elements While Hovering A Group Or Grid Cell

The Element Animation on hovering a Group or a Grid Cell is also interesting. Such animation effects look elegant and natural. Choose an Element in a Group, click on the Property Panel's Hover tab, and then select the Hover checkbox. Select a Preset and then modify the properties to achieve the designed effect.
Element Animation On Group Hover

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Element Color On Group Hover

For the grouped or Grid Cell Elements you can change the Element Color not only on its hover but also while hovering a Group or a Grid Cell. Select an Element in a Group. In the Property Panel select the Animation On Hover On Group Tab and modify the Color properties. Unselect the Element, then Hover the Group to test.

Element Shadow On Group Hover

For an Element in a Group or Grid Cell, you can change the Shadow property on Group Hover. Adding Shadow to an Element creates a pseudo-3D effect, which is very popular in web design. In the Hover On Group Tab of the Property Panel, select on the Shadow Preset, and optionally edit the Shadow, if it is needed.