What's New In This Update?

  • New Shopping Cart Element for WooCommerce and VirtueMart
  • Products Element Released
  • Featured Products in WooCommerce and VirtueMart
  • Image Wrapping in Text
  • Locking Proportions for Elements
  • Improved Shapes and Icons in Add Panel
  • Converting Elements To List Repeater
  • Improved Element Alignment
  • New Block and Template Designs

New Shopping Cart Icon Element

We have added the new Shopping Cart Element adding the icon to the Site Header for WooCommerce and VirtueMart.

It works in the Header for the exported WordPress Theme and Joomla Template, and also if it was added to the Nicepage Header while editing the page in the WordPress Plugin or Joomla Extension.


Add Shopping Cart Icon Element

You can add the Shopping Icon Element to the Header and Footer.


Stylizing Shopping Cart Icon and Bullet

You can stylize the Shopping Cart Icon, as well as the Quantity Bullet.


Products Element Released

We are happy to release the Products Element for WooCommerce and VirtueMart.

Featured Products

We have added the new Filter for the Featured Products.


Product Old Price

You can also enable the display of the old price. The old price is shown strikethrough.


Wrapping Image in Text

Now you can add an image to the Text Elements and set its wrapping.


Locking Proportions for Elements

We have also added the option for constraining proportions while resizing Elements.


New Shape Presets

We have significantly expanded the Shapes. Now you can add Shapes of various forms. All Shapes are available in the Add Elements Panel.


For all Shapes, you can modify the Fill and Border.


New Add Icon List

We have also improved the Add Icon list.


Moving Icon into Shape

If you drag an Icon Element over a Shape, you will see a dialog offering you to convert a Shape into an Icon With Background or Border.


Converting Elements To List Repeater

If you duplicate a Group or selected Elements, you will see a dialog offering you to convert this Group or Elements to the List Repeater Element.


Improved Element Alignment

We have added the Align Selected option applied to several horizontally positioned Elements, such as two buttons in a row. This option allows you to align only those Elements, and they do not overlap each over.


You can still align an individual Element and see its title in the list.


Radius Property

We have improved The Radius property.


SVG Upload From Desktop

You can drag an SVG image from your desktop, and it will add the Icon Element.


Slider Arrow Icon Styling

For the Slider Arrows, you can set the Color on Hover for the arrow icon itself, as well as for the Fill and Border.


Preview in New Window

For the WordPress Plugin and Joomla Extension, we have added the option to preview a page or article in the new browser window.


Work in Progress

Popup Dialog

We are working on the new Popup Dialog.


Product Element

We are also working on the new Product Element.


Fixed Issues

  • Breaking of the List Repeater while deleting columns in the horizontal layout with one row
  • Showing the proper number of columns and the gap size after the export for the Gallery, if the Responsive values were unset
  • Pasting a copied Group into itself
  • Browser scrolling while switching Tabs
  • Not creating the index.html file while exporting, if the Home pages not selected
  • Pasting copied Elements one on other (Icon on Shape), positions were not preserved
  • List Repeater: unable to change paddings in the Preview
  • List Repeater: Icon added only to one Shape
  • White spaces between Blocks after mover the Full-Width Slider
  • Joomla: while making a Link for an email, the dialog did not allow entering emails with the multiple domains: user@user.co.za
  • Joomla: the Edit Button not working after the appearance of the Off-Canvas Menu
  • WordPress: Contact 7 Form sumbit problems
  • WordPress: adding extra border for all Tables

Block and Page Designs

We have created new block and page designs for this update.


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