What's New In This Update?

  • New List Repeater Element
  • Multi-Select for Table Сells
  • Wide Option for Table
  • Multi-Select Properties
  • New Template Section
  • Search Results
  • Presets for Icon List
  • University Video

Table Released

Multi-Select for Table Сells

We have added the Multiselect for Table Сells. Now you can edit them all at once in the Property Panel.


Removed Active Row and Active Column

Since we now have the Multiselect, we have removed the Active Row and Active Column Tabs.


Wide Option for Table

We have added the Wide Option for the Table to make it Wide and Boxed.


List Repeater Element (Beta)

We have added the List Repeater allowing to stylize Elements similarly. You can edit one List Item, and other items will have the same style automatically.

Adding List

For the List Element in the Add Dialog, you see the presets of Blank Layouts, Blocks, and Designs.


Adding Elements to List

Adding an Element into the List Repeater Item automatically adds this Element to all other List Items.


Moving Elements in List

Moving an Element in a List Item, moves this Element in all other List Items.


Editing Properties of List Items

Editing Properties for an Element in one List Item changes the same properties for similar Elements in other Items.


Background on List Items

You can have different Backgrounds for the List Repeater Items. Also, you can make them all the same in one click. It also will work for Rectangles and Groups.


List Columns and Rows

The number of Columns and Rows duplicates Items to fill the List.


List in Responsive Modes

You can set the different number of columns in the Responsive Modes.


Icon List

We have added the Icon List to the Add Dialog.


We have added Font and SVG icons to the Change Icon popup.


Multi-Select Properties

You can change the properties of several elements with the same type in the Property Panel. Also, you can choose Elements in different Grid Cells and Groups.



Search Results

Now we show the Elements with their sections as well as the disabled Elements.


Back Operation

We have added the Back button that returns to the Search Results preserving the phrase.


Tooltip for Responsive Modes

Hovering the button for the Responsive Mode, now you can see the tooltip informing about the screen width, which triggers that Mode.


Work In Process

Blog Posts Element

We are also working on resuming the Blog Posts Element. We are thankful for your feedback and support, which help and inspire us.


Style Copy / Paste

We are also resuming the "Style Copy / Paste" feature.


Nicepage University

We have added the new video about using the Header and Footer in WordPress for the Nicepage University.

Fixed Issues

  • For the Enabled GDPR popup, the YouTube video on a page does not write a cookie.
  • Sometimes the response of a User for the GDPR popup was not stored, for example, for the declined Terms.
  • Reset Responsive might change the Radius of the rounded Buttons.
  • Crash while doing the Copy / Paste for the Sidebar on the Blog Template.
  • Horizontal Scrolling in the Phone View for the Wide Grids and Cell Spacing.
  • WordPress: SEO Title for the first page is now applied to the Front Page.
  • Joomla: the Edit with Nicepage button duplicated for the enabled JCE Editor.
  • Joomla: now, the links are correct while the base tag is enabled.
  • Joomla: the correct editing of the Menu for the multi-language websites.
  • Joomla: sometimes, while sending the Form in the letter, the second word was from the new paragraph.
  • Joomla: the Header and Footer edited in the Extension was not used on the Post Template.

Template Categories

We have changed the Template section at our website to show the main categories in the Template List.


Block and Page Designs

We have added over 150 blocks and page templates with this update.