What's New In This Update?

  • Page Element Outline
  • Gallery Image Zoom Animation
  • Word Suggest in Block Search
  • New Home for Docs & Videos
  • University Videos
  • Slider Design Category
  • Table and Blog Posts (in progress)

Page Element Outline (Beta)

Many users requested the Outline to ease the location of Elements used in Blocks of a Web Page. Therefore, we have added this feature.


Image Gallery

Image Gallery Released

We have finished adding the functionality and have made the major changes for the Image Gallery Element.


Image Zoom on Hover

We have added the most requested feature, the Zoom Effect, for the Image Gallery Images on Hover.


SEO Alt Property For Gallery Images

Now, the Image Gallery Images are SEO friendly, so search engines and can index them. When you add the Image Title, the SEO Alt option is filled automatically.


Text and Animation Properties

We have combined the Text and Animation properties in one panel. Now you can view the hover text for the current Image without hovering the mouse on it.


Dragging Images to Image Gallery

In the previous version, while dragging several images into the Image Gallery Element, only one Image was replaced in the Gallery Image.

Now you can add several images to the Image Gallery at once by dragging them into the Image Gallery Element.


Add Icon Moved

We have moved the Add Image icon to show where the new Image will be added and not to cover the Text in the Image Gallery.


Image Gallery Wide Option

We have added the Wide operation for the Image Gallery.


More Images on Live Site

We have fixed the most common error with the Image Gallery Element displaying less than 10 images on the live website.


Slides on Page Open

Due to the bug in the Chrome browser, there was the Text shown on all Image Gallery slides. We have resolved this issue.

Title Styles

We have fixed the issue with the Text disappearing while switching the Title style.


Image Link for Lightbox

We fixed the issue with the Image not showing in the Lightbox when it had a link.

Line Breaks for Text

The line breaks for the Hover Text are now displayed in the Preview.


Gallery Image Gap

We have added the Image Gap of 10 px by default to separate Image Gallery Images.


Image Gallery for Starter Edition

With the free Starter Edition, you can use only nine (9) images in the Image Gallery.

Add Menu Search Results

We have removed the disabled items from the search results. It saves space and allows showing more relevant results.


You can also navigate the list with your keyboard. The Slide is always available now.


Search in Image Dialog

Now you can search in all tabs in the Image Dialog. Also, we have supported the Image Search in WordPress and Joomla.


Work In Progress

Table Element

We see that users search for "Table" often.


So we have started to work on the new Table Element. The beta version of the Table element will be available in one of the future updates.


Blog Element

The "blog" is the most popular search word according to our statistics.


We think the Blog should be a new element showing the Blog Posts like below. Do we understand it correctly?

Please let us know what exactly do you mean by the "blog."

Please leave your comments and thoughts on the Forum.


Zoom Animation for Grid Images

Similar to the Gallery Images, we are adding the Hover Effect for the Image Background of the Grid Cell.

New Home for Docs & Videos

We have reworked the home for the Documents section on our website. It will help you to get the required info faster and easier.


Nicepage University

We have added the new videos for the Nicepage University.

Export and Update of Joomla Template

Export and Update of Joomla Content

We do appreciate your comments and feedback, and we will use those to improve the videos.

Premium Plans Reworked

We have improved the visibility of features included in Premium License and Subscription Plans. We have also made the Tabs compact.

If you have any questions or proposals, please contact Support.


Fixed Issues

  • FTP triple connection attempt of network errors.
  • Shadow Color for the enabled Gradient Fill.
  • Menu Display after the Image loading on live site.
  • Font Size for the List in the Mobile Views.
  • reCaptcha for Custom PHP Script option in WordPress.
  • Crash for changing of Base Font Size in the Theme
  • other minor fixes.

Slider Design Category

Our stats show that slider is popular. Therefore, we have added the new Block Designs for the Slider Category.


Block Designs

We have added about 150 new block designs since the last update.


Page Designs

We have added new page templates with this update.


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