What's New In This Update?

  • New Gallery Control (Beta)
  • Add Elements by Dragging
  • Scroll Editor With Space Bar
  • Form's Radio Button
  • Search Changes in Image Dialog
  • Embed Google Fonts for WordPress Plugin and Joomla Extension


Gallery Control (Beta)

We have added the new Gallery Control, which is in beta, as we are continuing to improve it. The Control supports images hovering, and you can add texts and hyperlinks for the hovered box.


Gallery Properties

We have also added properties for the new Gallery Control in the Property Panel.


Gallery Image Properties

The Gallery Image supports hovering by showing the Title and Description.


Element Search

We have added the Search for the Add Elements List. It will ease the location of the required elements. While searching for Elements, you will also get the results for Blocks, which should also help you in designing.


Add Elements by Dragging

Our usability tests that many users tried to drag Elements while adding, we have added this functionality. The adding by a click remains supported.


Scrolling Editor with Space Bar

We have added the functionality allowing you to move the Page Pane. You can move your Page freely by holding the SPACE BAR and pressing the left mouse button.


Form's Radio Button

We have added the new Radio Button Field Type for the Form control.


Search Changes in Image Dialog

Many usability tests resulted in that we have changed the Image Dialog, adding the Search on the top level.



Embed Google Fonts for WordPress Plugin and Joomla Extension

We have supported the Embed Google Fonts option in the Nicepage WordPress Plugin and Joomla Extension.

Note: The previous 2.11 update supported the Embed Google Fonts only for the Nicepage Theme.


Nicepage University

We have added the new videos for the Nicepage University. The following next two examples are related to the Nicepage installation for Joomla.

Installation of Joomla Template

Installation of Joomla Extension

We do appreciate your comments and feedback, and we will use those to improve the videos.

Fixed Issues

  • HTML export and enabled Embed Fonts caused the problems with the Block Height.
  • Form in editable Header and Footer in WordPress plugin.
  • Missing images in the "My Images" Tab.
  • Support for hiding Header/Footer options for Blog and Post Templates.
  • Search in Wordpress, which now works for Pages.
  • Removing of hyphens from the image filename.
  • Adding unnecessary " " before and after the text in bold.
  • Missing Header and Footer when adding the Slider to the page without Blocks.
  • Form Field Filling
  • Savin of the Page Name with not the Latin Ex encoding
  • Adding New Pages to the Menu
  • Showing MS Edge in the Browser List
  • Searching Posts in WordPress while using the Nicepage Theme
  • Cutting our the dash ("-") from the Image Names
  • Showing the MailChimp Submit Error for the Form
  • other minor fixes.

New Block Designs

We have added about 200 new block designs since the last update.


New Page Templates

We have added new page templates with this update.


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