What's New In This Update?

  • Form: PHP Script for WordPress and Joomla
  • Form: From Field
  • Form: Improved Panel
  • Google Fonts: 900+
  • Scrollbars: Improved Visibility
  • Icon: Resize
  • and more

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PHP Script for WordPress and Joomla

We have added the support for the PHP script in WordPress and Joomla per multiple user requests.


From Field

We have added the From field, as many users had problems with the Form Submit without it.


Form Side Panel

We have improved the Form Side Panel, as there were problems with finding how to add new Form Fields. We have simplified the Form dragging and dropping and Form Deletion.


User Interface

Improved Scrollbars

We have improved the visibility and selection of the Scrollbars. Now you can click on the Scrollbars easier.


Icon Resize

We have changed the behavior while resizing an Icon. Now the spacing is changed proportionally.


900+ Google Fonts

We have renewed the list of the Google Fonts, increasing the number of available fonts from 600 to over 900.


Fixed Issues with

  • Tutorial Start
  • Blank Page in WordPress
  • Incorrect work of White Label in Joomla
  • Default cookie value
  • Wrong binding of widget and control
  • Exceeded quota
  • Image resource change
  • Sidebar Spacing
  • Content import in Joomla
  • Editor performance
  • Google Map Point
  • Adding Blocks before and after
  • Scroll Bug
  • Template List
  • Hyperlink Color saving
  • Block Hight in Responsive
  • Blocks with overlapping in Responsive
  • Other minor problems

New Block Designs

We have added about 100 new block designs since the last update.


New Page Templates

We have added new page templates with this update.


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