What's New In This Update?

  • Form 2.0 Improvements
  • WordPress and Joomla Plugin Improvements
  • Menu Editor Improvements
  • Reworked Getting Started Tutorial
  • Size Tooltips
  • Block Style Option

Form 2.0

In the Previous Update, we have added the option to drag the form fields so you could arrange the form fields in the desired queue.

In the current update, we have also implemented the new behavior for the fields. Now they are working as the elements that you can add, delete, and they also have their properties (see below).

In the upcoming updates, we plan to implement the possibility of adding custom fields of different types (text area, checkbox, select).

Form Field Properties

There are properties for eaсh field, including the Label, Required, Palcehoder, Max Length.


Adding Form Fields

Now you can add a new Form Field from the Add Menu.


Delete Form Fields

To remove the Form Field, press the DEL button, or use the Delete icon in the context menu of the Form Field.



Double Click on Menu

The double-click on the Menu in the Editor opens the Menu Items for editing.


Edit Menu Items

Click on the Menu Item to edit its Properties.


Delete Menu

We have noticed that new users delete the Menu control, then try to use the Links instead of the Menu. We have added the dialog to explain the Menu usage.


Block Style

Many users try to find the Block Styles in the context menu. We have added to the context menu of the Block for the convenience.



Size Tooltips

Hover the marker to see the size of the element, Block, or Grid.


Wordpress and Joomla

Page Renaming

In the Editor, you can use the new Page Name field to rename the page.


Page Settings

You can edit the Page Settings directly in the Plugin.


Site Settings

The Site Settings are now available in the Plugin.


Getting Started Interactive Tutorial

We have changed the tooltips for our Getting Started Interactive Tutorial. Now each step has an explanation and illustration.


How to Start Tutorial

To launch or relaunch the Tutorial, please click on to the Help Icon (?), then select the Getting Started Interactive Tutorial.


New Block Designs

We have added about 100 new block designs since the last update. We add new blocks every day.