What's New In This Update?

  • Automatic Text Width
  • Rectangle as Group
  • Add Icon Between Elements
  • Dragging Elements Between Cells
  • Straight Dragging
  • Alignment for a Single Element
  • Font List Improvements
  • "No Background" Option Changes


Automatic Text Width

Numerous usability tests revealed that users had problems in the Responsive Modes since they did not align the Text properly. Since the Text Box was large, to align elements visually correct, users moveв the Text beyond the Content Line. At that, the Text Box laid outside the Content Area.

Users did not know how to deal with that extra width and how to solve the problem.



Graphic Design programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, and Figma, and many publishing programs like Microsoft PowerPoint support two modes for the Text. By default, the Text Box Width is dynamic and equal to the Text Width.

The fixed-width is an alternative and set manually. We have decided to implement those two modes for the Text and the switch option for them.


We have improved the positioning of the Text.


Duplicate in the Context Menu

We have added the new Duplicate option to the context menu for the controls.


Add Icon Display While Inserting Between Elements

We have changed the display of the Add icon to add elements in between.

Previously, they appeared on mouse stop only. However, during the usability tests, we noticed that users rarely stopped the mouse while continually moving. As a result, they did not see the round Add icons. We have resolved this problem.


Dragging Elements Between Cells

While moving elements between cells, you can see the Insert Zone shown in blue.


Dragging and Copying (holding CTRL or ALT Key)

Now the blue Insert Zones are displayed when you copy an element whilу dragging holding the CTRL or ALT key.


Streight Dragging With the Shift Key

Press the Shift key while dragging elements to move them straight horizontally or vertically.


Add Buttons

Rectangle as Group

During the usability tests, we saw that many users used the Rectangle to create layouts with Text with the Background. Please see the examples below.

It caused problems in Responsive Modes.

To create layouts with the Text on the Background at Add -> Blocks, we used the Group control. However, the idea of the Group was not clear, and users did not know how to use Groups.

In the previous update, we introduced the "Rectangle for Elements," but users still did not want to use that Control.

Therefore, we have made a radical decision and changed the Rectangle Shape to function as the Group.

Now, we see that this helped with creating mentioned layouts properly and solved various problems in Responsive Modes.


Add Block vs Add Element

During usability tests, we have discovered that many users were confused about the Add Block and Add Element. They usually used the Add Block to add elements.

We have changed those buttons to make operations more intuitive.



Alignment for a Single Element

We added the Alignment operation for a single element.


Font List Improvements

Previously, the Google Fonts were on a separate tab. Now, we have combined the Google Fonts with all other into one list. The list became bigger. And now it has three times more fonts than before.


"No Background" Option

Our usability tests showed that many users did not understand how to remove the Background. We have changed this Property by adding the "No Background" option to make it clear.



  • Fixed the issue with the Pagination in Joomla
  • Fixed the crash of Nicepage Desktop on Mac if there is no the Chrome browser installed
  • Fixed the show/hide of the Header and Footer in the CMS and Desktop application
  • Fixed the issue with the ALT attribute for the Cyrillic characters
  • Fixed the issue with the Sticky Header while scrolling a page by the Anchor
  • Fixed the issue with the Heading Menu Item Type in Joomla

New Block Designs

We have added about 100 new block designs since the last update. We continue to add new every day.