What's New In This Update?

  • Nicepage for macOS is Now Certified by Apple
  • Added Designs to show on the scroll in the Blocks Tab
  • Improved the Color Selection for the Menu States
  • Fixed issues with the Header Overlapping
  • Added the search by name for Google Fonts
  • Improved Fonts and Menu Properties

Nicepage for macOS Certified by Apple

We have successfully certified the Nicepage for macOS. Now you can install the application on macOS Catalina with no warnings. There is no need to add Nicepage to exceptions. And the Open button will appear on the start.


Add Button

Designs after Sketches In the Blocks Tab

We have added the Designs while scrolling down the Blocks. The Designs are of the same category as the Blocks. It will help to get inspired and visualize the category.


Rectangle for Texts

Our usability tests showed that users use the Rectangle instead of Group for the Designs with Groups. It resulted in problems with Responsive Modes and other inconveniences.

Therefore, we have added the "Rectangle for Texts" control, which, in fact, is a group.



Menu Colors in Toolbar

We have added Color Selection in the Menu Toolbar.


Fixes for Overlap Header

Your votes show the importance of the Header usability. The tests also uncovered that the Header was hard to select when the Overlap property is active. Also, dragging into the Header was disabled. We have fixed both.


Property Panel

Search by Name for Fonts

We have added the search for Google Fonts. Now you can type the name while selecting a font.


Redesign of Font Properties

We have improved the presentation of the Font Properties making this section more compact. And the Font Name now takes the whole line, which makes it easier to work with fonts with long names.


Menu Colors and Page Name

We have added Item Names as hints for the Menu State Colors.


Menu Spacing

The usability tests showed that users did not find the Menu Spacing. Therefore, we have changed the UI to improve that.



  • Now the unused custom colors will be removed
  • When copying cells, responsive styles of controls inside it are now copied too
  • We hid the extra move zones that could break the Block design
  • Fixed the issue with the crash in the desktop version on saving
  • Fixed the issue with the Joomla J2 Shop compatibility
  • Fixed the issue with the Joomla Eshop tabs
  • Fixed issue with resizing Logo when SVG image is used
  • Fixed crash during exporting in Nicepage Desktop when no Internet connection
  • Fixed crash when opening draft pages in Joomla
  • Fixed crash on launching Nicepage editor for WordPress after reloading a new page
  • Fixed issue with Grid control in responsive modes after changing the cell size
  • Fixed issue with resizing Social Icons control
  • Fixed issue with opacity property of Video Shading
  • Other minor fixes

New Block Designs

We have added over 150 new block designs since the last update. We continue to add new every day.