Below is the list of features and fixes included in the last three Nicepage updates released since August 10:

Video Tutorials

User Interface

  • Added Export/Import Project feature:


    The new options are available on Dashboard:

    and in the pages list:

  • Added Position and Size properties:


  • Added "Blank with Grid" predefined type for new Sections:


  • Added thematic categories for Designs from Community (add New page dialog):


  • Improved Dashboard Toolbar


  • Fixed problem with pasting HTML into Text Editor

  • User Profile is now available on the Nicepage Portals:


  • Fixed bug with Copy/Paste between pages

  • Fixed bug with Images in Preview mode

  • Improved Logo Control. It has max-width: 100% by default. Bot now it is possible to change Logo size in all responsive modes;

  • Improved Menu Control. Changed UI for "Menu Button From" property:



  • CSS in WP and Joomla Plugin is reduced by 250Kb;
  • Optimized page colors CSS: reduced about 80Kb;
  • CSS of the content Sections is moved from HTML file into separate .css file;
  • Header and Footer styles moved into nicepage.css file.

HTML Export

  • Fixed issue with Meta Tags;

WordPress and Joomla

  • Breadcrumbs control is now supported for Blog and Post Template


  • Import Menu Structure from Desktop Export. Available for theme export only.

  • The structure of customized menu can now be exported with content from Nicepage Desktop;

  • WordPress: Fixed problem with Pagination warning;

  • Joomla: Fixed Joomla Extension issue for version 3.3.1.