What's New?

  • Header and Footer editing in WordPress and Joomla
  • Added 1,000,000+ free images
  • FTP Export for WordPress and Joomla
  • New Add Panel
  • Multiple Select and Dragging
  • Duplicate, Add Before, Add After Grid Cell
  • Update Style with the current Paragraph settings
  • Overlapping and Sticky Options for the Header improved

Header and Footer Editing in WordPress and Joomla

We are happy to announce the Header and Footer editing in WordPress and Joomla.

To edit the Header and Footer in CMS:
1. Export "Pages and Editor Plugin"
2. Install the Nicepage Plugin
3. Import the content in your CMS
4. Open a Page to edit Header and Footer

Note: For now, you are unable to start editing the Header and Footer in WordPress and Joomla without importing the content. We are working on this.

For existing pages, you need to select the option "Nicepage Header and Footer" (see below). If you have Plugin with version 1.22 or less, you need to take steps 1-3 above.

New CMS Options Property

Related to this CMS feature, we have added the new CMS Option Property allowing you to select the Nicepage Header and Footer from the list.


New Page Property

We also have added the new Page feature allowing you to specify the page width for the Nicepage template.


Over One Million Free Images

We have added 1,000,000+ images, which are free and do not require attribution.


FTP Export for WordPress and Joomla

We have added the FTP export for WordPress and Joomla, as promised.


New Add Panel

After getting results from the usability tests, we understood that our users had difficulties in differentiating the Add Block and Add Element operations. Now the Add Panel looks the same for all additions, and we do hope it became more intuitive.

We have also noticed that new users had selected the Designs too rarely, as the Design Tab was not noticeable enough. Now the Design tab became more evident.


Elements Tab with Improved Icons

We have added the Elements Tab and improved the look of the icons in it.



Cell Gap

We have improved the Cell Gap appearance.


Multiple Select and Dragging

We have improved the dragging while using the multiple select. Now you can move the selected element grabbing any part, unlike before you were able to drag only the control.


Duplicate, Add Before, Add After Grid Cell

We have added the functionality to allow adding cells before and after the current one.


Properties Panel

Showing menu items above the "Menu Items" button

Many users still have difficulties in finding the button to edit the Menu Items. We have added this feature to help.


Update Style with the current Paragraph settings

Many users asked to be able to update the Paragraph style with the parameters that have selected for a text element. Now, we have implemented this functionality.


Explained Overlapping and Sticky Options for the Header

We have added the icons and explanations to help to understand and use these features.



Back Button

Many users had difficulties in understanding the Done button and have been looking for the back arrow. We have changed it to the Back button with an arrow.



Export and Import in Nicepage Online

We have added the export and import of the project in the Nicepage Online Edition.


New Blocks

We are continuing to add new Block Designs.