Dear Nicepage Community,

We are happy to present this new update!

What's New?

  • Added Menu Styles
  • Moving Blocks Up and Down Arrows
  • Simplified Color Picker and access to the Theme Colors
  • Selecting all Elements in a Block by Ctrl+A
  • Add and Duplicate Grid Cell Operations
  • Margins at the top of the Property Panel
  • Wide - the New Block Category
  • QR Code in the Nicepage Online editor
  • New pricing for Nicepage Online hosting (reduced prices and more sites per one license)
  • Removing unnecessary Groups from Blocks
  • New Block Designs

Working with Menu

Menu Styles

We have started to work on adding presets for the Menu.


Menu Item Spacing

Check the new simplified UI for the spacing parameters for the Menu Items in the Property Panel.


Menu Active Item

We have fixed the display of the Active Menu Item in the Editor. Now the Active Item is displayed correctly.


Working with Editor

Moving Blocks in the Editor

We have added functionality for moving blocks up and down in the Editor.


Working with Colors

More Simplified Color Editor

The select color window does not have a title and button anymore to look more simple. When the window is opened the HEX color value is selected and you can copy and paste that HEX value with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.


Easy Access to Theme Colors

The latest Usability Tests showed that switching from the current page to the Theme page when changing theme colors was not clear for users. Now The Theme Colors can be edited from the change color dialog directly without navigating to the Theme page.


Adding Cells

We have added the functionality for adding Cells.


Duplicate Cell

We have also added the functionality for Cell Duplication.


New Padding Tooltips

We have improved the display of the Padding Tooltips. Now they are shown near the cursor on hover and while modifying the Padding.


Working with Properties


We have moved the Margin Properties to the top of the Property Panel.


Grid Height

Now you can also change the value of the Grid Height in the Property Panel. Many users have tried to do that in the Editor and Panel.


Add Menu

New Category - Wide

We have added the new Wide Category.


Working with Theme

Done Button

Since many users did not find the Done button easily, we have decided to move it to the left.


Theme Menu

We have added the Menu and Sidebar to the list for quick and easy access. If the Menu was not added to the Header before, clicking the Menu in the list will add the Menu control automatically. The similar behavior is implemented for the Sidebar.


Working with Hosting

QR Code in Nicepage Online

We have added the QR code to ease the opening of links after the Publishing. It is also suitable for testing websites in browsers on smartphones and tablets.


Reduced Prices and Sites per Plan

We have reduced prices and added 3, 5, and more sites per plan.


Block Designs

We have started to modify blocks removing the Group control where it is not necessary.


Our usability tests showed that users prefer working without groups in Blocks. It is more comfortable and more intuitive.

To simplify the alignment without Groups, we have added the Align and Vertical Align properties to the Property Panel.



  • We have changed the behavior of Undo (Ctrl+Z) in the Responsive Modes. Now it does not switch to the Desktop view and stays in the correct view.
  • Fixed the issue with the contact form in footer not working in WP.
  • Fixed the issue with the Google Maps not showing on the HTML site.
  • Fixed the lightbox image size issue.
  • Other fixes

New Design Blocks