Hello Everyone!

We are glad to present the new update of Nicepage!

Context Toolbar

We have improved the Context Toolbar making it more visible, accessible, and intuitive.


Adding Controls and Margin Between Elements

We have simplified the addition of elements before, after, and between controls, containers, and grids. In additions, we have added the operation to change the margin between elements.


Improved Sketches

We have improved the Sketch Blocks. Now sketches look almost like real design examples and contain gradients, colors and various sets of the preset controls. All Sketch Blocks are fully responsive and customizable.


Block Alignment

We have added the Alignment toolbar to the Container, Grid Cell, and Block. Now you can easily change the alignment of elements in a block in just a click.


Button Presets

We have Improved the Button Presets. Now the presets are grouped by Palette colors.


Editor HotKeys

We have added new hotkeys. Now you can duplicate the selected control by dragging while holding the Alt key and remove elements by pressing the Backspace key.


Add Block

We added the option to add new Block below the last Block for more convenience.


Delete Page

We added the option to delete the page to the pages drop-down list:


Expiration Notification

We have added the new notification dialog to inform about the expiring free update period. This notification is shown a week before the expiration. Together with the notification, we will send the reminder email.



  • Fixed the issue with the ADD menu on small screens
  • Now the Joomla Template outputs headings like the Page Heading
  • Fixed the issue with image lightbox after image change
  • Fixed the issue with lightbox controls om some screens
  • Fixed the issue with Social icons size after the exporting
  • Fixed the issue with Block "Wide" option
  • Fixed the issue with "Import content message" in WordPress
  • Fixed the issue with Slider indicators
  • Fixed the issue with article tags in Joomla
  • Improved the "Confirmation Message" functionality
  • Other fixes and improvements.

New Block Designs

We continue to add more block designs every day. As a reminder, all our design templates are fully mobile-friendly.


Nicepage Team