Hello Everyone!

We are continuing to improve Nicepage by conducting many usability tests actively to locate, simplify, and eliminate most of the problems that many of our users meet.

Category Titles and Quick Links

We have added Category Titles and Quick Links to the Add Block section. Now you can see the Blocks Categories as thumbnails and choose the desired Category by clicking the See All button.


Mobile View Operations

Now you can change the Cell Width in the Responsive Modes.


Zoom With TouchPad

The Zoom operation now supports touchpads.


Grid Addition

We have added the Mostly Used section to the Add Block -> Grid Tab. Grids are now added by click the Variations are available by clicking the "More" icon.


Grid Selection And Move

We have the selection and move of the Grid. Now you can select and move the Grid, grabbing the areas around the Grid boundaries.


Grid Deletion

When you select a Cell and then press the Delete key for the first time, it will clear this Cell. If you press the Delete key the second time on the empty cell, it will delete the Grid.


Cell And Container Toolbar

We have moved Cell and Container Toolbar to be above the right top corner of a Cell or Container.


Active Elements

We have changed the highlighting of the active Page and other active elements. Now they have the same highlight.


Add Background Image

We have added the Add Background Image to the Add Menu for the empty block.


Image And Button Shape

We have simplified the selection of the shape for Images and Buttons/



  • Fixed the issue with the fixed Header overlapping the section on the one-page designs when using anchors in the menu
  • Fixed the problem with the Hide On option not working with Menu on Phone Portrait mode
  • Fixed the issue with the Hyperlink underline in the HTML control
  • Fixed the incorrect presentation of the submenu shadow in responsive view
  • Fixed the active menu item indication for the home page for the HTML export
  • Fixed the issue with the inheritance of the Alignment in the Mobile Views
  • Fixed the issue with the Read More button not showing on the Featured Articles pages in Joomla
  • Fixed the issue with element resizing in the Responsive Modes
  • Fixed some Italian translations
  • Now the lastly-used Category is stored
  • Now the Nicepage WordPress Plugin allows loading of the SVG files
  • Further improved the Mobile Views

New Block Designs

We are adding new design blocks every day. All designs are mobile-friendly.