General Fixes

  • Optimized HTML and stylesheet files in the exported HTML websites. These files in Joomla and Wordpress plugins will be optimized in the next Nicepage update.
  • Improved compatibility with InternetExplorer 11 (Color, Typography, and Fonts variables are replaced by values);
  • Fixed most of the reported issues;
  • Improved the performance and the stability of the application;
  • French and German translations are now supported. We hired translators on Freelance Marketplace. But since we speak neither German or French we cannot be sure that both translations correspond to IT standards. Therefore we want to offer our customers who know these languages perfectly to review these translations for a subscription renewal for one more year or subscription upgrade to Pro.

WordPress and Joomla

  • New Video Tutorial: How To Install Nicepage for Joomla
  • URL Properties Dialog: added the ability to search by Nicepage Articles and Pages;
  • Wordpress: Nicepage Form control now supports submitting data to the Contact Form 7 form;
  • Joomla: native Joomla form submission is now supported by Nicepage Form control;
  • WordPress and Joomla: Theme Font and Typography settings are now used by default in the plug-in:
  • Fixed the issue with hiding the Post Image control when no image specified in CMS;
  • WordPress and Joomla: native auto-update plug-in feature is now supported;


Added the Preview in Browser feature (shows the browser in the list if it is installed on the computer):



  • Added full list of Google Fonts at the end of the Fonts list:
  • Simplified the Top Toolbar, Page Settings are moved into the Pages drop-down and Properties Panel:
  • Added the ability to position the Slider Arrows and Indicator:
  • New Slider Animations: To Right, To Up, To Down:
  • Form Custom Email now is supported:
  • Improved performance of the Dashboard if user's account has 50+ sites
  • Nicepage Footnote bug is fixed:
  • Maximum Value of Spacing option is increased from 25 to 100:
  • Added the Menu Multi-Level option:
  • Fill property of the Form Input field: Transparency is now supported:
  • Theme Headings and Text: Spacing is supported:
  • New Section can now be added after the currently selected section and not at the end of the page as before:
  • Form: added option to show/hide Email Field on the Form: