Hello Everyone!

We are glad to present the new update of Nicepage!

Over 500 Of New Blocks With Categories

We added over 500 new Blocks for the Add Block gallery. We have also added Categories to simplify the selection.


Widths in Responsive Modes

We continued to improve the Responsive Modes preserving element width if there is enough space, and fitting the width otherwise.


Image Zoom

New Image Zoom option allows enlarging background images quickly. The Zoom option is now available on the right side Properties Panel and under the CROP dialog.


Nicepage Form now supports reCaptcha v.3

Nicepage Form now supports an option to enable Google reCaptcha v.3. The new reCaptcha v.3 is the modern version of well-known reCaptcha 2 which returns a score for each request without user friction.


Text Margins

We improved the Text Margin option for better control positioning inside the Grid Cells and Containers.


Auto-Save On/Off

Added option to disable the Auto-Save in the Nicepage Desktop application. The option is available in the Profile >> Preferences:


Bigger Resize Markers

We have increased the size of the resize markers since many users complained that those were not visible before. We would like to know what do you think about it.


Block Templates On Nicepage.com

We have added new Submenu and the switcher for the Templates section of the Nicepage website.


Fixes And Improvements

  • Fixed the issue with preserving the proportions of the cells with the image background and the inner text;
  • Fixed the issue with preserving the Button width in the Responsive Modes;
  • Joomla: Fixed the issue with empty positions inside Grid. Now the empty Block and Grid cells are collapsed if there are no modules added to the Position;
  • Joomla: Fixed the issue with the Nicepage Page Title not used in Joomla;
  • Joomla: Fixed the notice for the Joomla Archive pages;
  • Fixed few problems with the control movement in the Editor;
  • Fixed the issue with the extra Logo attribute;
  • Fixed various issues in the Export;

New Web Blocks

We add new Web Blocks every day.


Nicepage Team