Hello Everyone!

We are glad to present the new update of Nicepage!

Automated Mobile Views

We are continuing to improve the generation of Responsive Modes automatically. Our main goal is to have Mobile Views automatically done in most cases. We have fixed the major problems and now working on the minor specifics.


We try to automate all the work required for Mobile Views. Before, you had to do many manipulations changing sizes and positions over and over again. Now if, for example, image is expanded to a Grid Cell, or it is snapped to the Paddings, in the Mobile Views this image is resized automatically with the preserved proportions.


Ready-To-Use Block Gallery

We have added the Gallery of designer made blocks. It allows creating websites faster, achieving perfect results in just clicks.


Control Labels

With this update, we added small labels to the selected control and its parent for a more unambiguous indication of the selected control and parent control.



We have added the inline helping messages appearing when a cursor is positioned over an element, container, or block.



  • Fixed the issue with the Logo control when the "Expand to Sheet" option is used;
  • Fixed the issue with the SP Bilder pages in Joomla;
  • Fixed the issue with installing the plugin when Postgres DB is used in Joomla;
  • Fixed the issue with the email verification when the plugin with While Labe settings is used;
  • Other fixes and improvements.

New Web Blocks

We have started to add new designer made blocks every day.


Nicepage Team