Hello Everyone!

We are glad to present the new update of Nicepage! Briefly, we have changed the mechanism of working with the Mobile Views, improved the Tutorial, added margins, and added the Best Practices. Now, about all of these in details.

Working With Mobile Views

We have changed the mechanism of working with the Mobile Views. Now the responsive changes, for example in Typography, are inherited by modes, from bigger to smaller screens more predictably.


We have solved the issue with the inheritance in the Nicepage pre-designed Block (Section) and Page templates, which did not work since each mobile mode contained modifications.

Also, we improved the "Reset Responsive" option.

New Block to Empty Page

Now, creating a New Page starts with adding a new Block (Section):


That also means that now you can delete the last Block (Section) on the page.

Grid and Container Padding

We have improved the Grid and Container Paddings. Now you can change the Top / Left / Right / Bottom Paddings separately in the Right Panel or by dragging the markers in the Editor:


Containers are now added with padding automatically. Please note that Top and Bottom Alignments work inside the Top and Bottom Paddings.

Top Margin

We have added the Top Margin marker for controls to simplify the positioning process:


Quick Access for Image Background

We have added the new option to quick accessing the Image Background in Containers and Grids:


Best Practices

We have added the latest Best Practices popups, which will help in designing a mobile-friendly website. Example:


Portuguese Language

We have added the new Portuguese Localization to the Nicepage User Interface.


Interactive Tutorial Changes

We have improved our Getting Started Interactive Tutorial. We have updated it with the new features, trying to explain the process and show its intuitiveness.


If you have already passed our Interactive Tutorial, you can still access the newer version clicking the Question Mark icon at the Top Bar Right.


New Website Designs

We are adding new website designs every day. Here are some of the latest examples. All our designs are mobile-friendly.


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the issue with Post Tags width;
  • Fixed the issue with importing content from the Wordpress theme instead of the plugin;
  • Fixed the issue with Image Flip;
  • Fixed the issue with Social icons control;
  • Fixed the issue with fixed up images after the importing content in WordPress and Joomla;
  • Other fixes and improvements;

Nicepage Team