Hello Everyone!

We are glad to present the new update of Nicepage!

User Interface Changes

Sections Are Now Blocks
Nicepage used the “Section” term in the User Interface, as there is the section tag in the HTML. However, it looks like “Section” is a pretty specific word and not typical. It could make it more difficult for new users to understand Nicepage. Therefore, we have renamed the “Section” into “Block.”


Block/Section Context Toolbar
We added the Copy/Cut/Paste Block operations into the Block toolbar. You can find them under the “More” icon. Before these operations were available only in the right-click menu.


Best Practices

To help our users in designing mobile-friendly website, we have added the Best Practice popups that will assist users in getting the best results with responsive layouts in Nicepage.

Practice 1
If you are adding too many controls to one section, we recommended to add a new block.


Practice 2
If your Block / Section is too high, we also recommend to add a new block.


Practice 3
If you are adding text elements directly to Block, we recommend to add texts into Containers.


Adding Grid

We changed the process of adding Grids. Now the Grids are added from the special Grid Panel which does not overlap the page instead of full-screen dialog.


Grid Cell And Container Padding

According to our statistics, many users still do not use the Alignment and Padding. We tried to make them clearer and easier to use in this Nicepage version.


These options should also help users to simplify editing in cells, having the best results on all screens.


Spacing Between Texts

Also, we tried to simplify text spacing. Now there is no need to resize a container or cell and to drag-and-drop text. Use the special marker to the left to modify spacing. In the future updates, we plan to add similar markers for all Controls in Containers.


New Website Designs

We are adding new website designs every day. All our examples are absolutely mobile-friendly. Here are some of the latest examples.



  • Fixed the issue with the Category List Layout in Joomla Template
  • Fixed the issue with the Search Results page in Joomla and Nicepage Template
  • Fixed the issue with the Responsive Menu and Animation
  • Improved the process of triggering Animation on page load
  • Fixed the crash of the Page Builder while selecting Colors
  • Other fixes and improvements.

Nicepage Team