What's New in This Update?

  • Using Custom Fonts in WordPress and Joomla
  • Page Export and Import in Application
  • Image, Icon, and Shape Rotation (Beta)
  • Installation Wizard in Joomla
  • Open Tab By Default for Accordion / FAQ
  • Icon States for Accordion / FAQ
  • Dashboard Optimization for Big Number of Pages
  • Social Icons Presets in Add List
  • Duplicate for Full-Width Slider
  • Zooming Without Scrolling
  • Letter Spacing and Line Height Changes
  • New Block and Page Designs

Using Custom Fonts In WordPress and Joomla

We have continued to improve the work with inserting the Custom Fonts. Now we have supported the addition of Custom Fonts in WordPress and Joomla.


Single Page Export

We are coming close to allowing to reuse and share individual components and Elements. For this, we have added the Single Page Export.

You can export a Page by clicking the Page Options Icon on the Dashboard and the Export Icon near the Page Name in the Pages list in the Editor.


Page Import

You can import the exported Page on the Dashboard.


Image, Icon, and Shape Rotation (Beta)

We have added the rotation of the Image, Icon, and Shape Elements. You can reflect your images, icons, and shapes vertically and horizontally and rotate 90 degrees.


Installation Wizard in Joomla

To simplify the installation, we have added the wizard in Joomla, similar to WordPress.


Open Tab By Default for Accordion / FAQ

We have implemented the requested feature for the Accordion and FAQ Elements, and you can control whether to open the Tab By Default or not.


Icon States for Accordion / FAQ

We have also added the States for the Expand / Collapse Icon of the Accordion and FAQ Elements, so it is more informative, and you will see the change on hovering. In the next update, we will add the Active State.


Dashboard Optimization for Big Number of Pages

Now we have optimized the Dashboard, so you can add and work with a significant number of Pages on your Websites. We are also planning to add the Sorting and Filtering.


Social Icons Presets in Add List

We have added the presets for the Social Icons Element similar to the Button Element since many users could not easily add this Element to their Blocks.


Duplicate for Full-Width Slider

For the Full-Width Slider, we have added the Context Menu for the Add Icon with the Duplicate operation.


Zooming Without Scrolling

Previously while zooming the Edition Scrolled the Project to the active Block, now we have changed that behavior, and you can zoom the area you are currently zooming.

You can zoom in and out your Page using the CTRL+ and CTRL- key combinations, and also by pressing and holding the CTRL key and scrolling the Mouse Wheel.


Letter Spacing and Line Height Changes

For Texts, we have also changed the Letter Spacing and Line Height properties in the Property Panel, making these properties more informative.


Work In Progress

  • Repeated Carousel
  • Block Export and Import

Fixed Issues

  • List Indent in the Theme
  • Tabs Height
  • Submenu with reloading stayed opened
  • Spacing option for Social icons
  • Icons for two menu controls
  • Duplicated content in Tabs
  • WordPress: duplicated images after the import
  • Scrolling of Submenus on mobiles
  • Cache clearing for regenerated images only
  • Full-Width Slider block and indicators
  • Drag and drop from the Add Lists
  • Grid Repeater Height after deleting an Item in the next row
  • Grid Repeater frame drawing
  • Collapsing paddings while resizing the Group
  • Exporting HTML site without Posts
  • Incorrect display of the underlined hyperlink
  • Rich Text: inserting Elements while editing
  • Extra lines while moving Slider Arrows
  • Validation for the Field Attribute names for the Contact Form
  • Reset Responsive after adding to Block Preview
  • Rotation for the Expanded Image
  • Reset Responsive for a Block with rotated images
  • Reset Responsive for the Large Map Element
  • Carousel in the Mobile Views
  • Misplacing Elements after deletions in the Contact Form Element
  • Misplacing the Shape while snapping to the Sheet Line
  • Misplacing while resizing the Grid
  • Misplacing while resizing the Text
  • Misplacing while resizing the Image

New Block and Page Designs

We have created new block and page designs up to this update.