What's New in This Update?

  • New FAQ Element
  • Accordion Border and Icons
  • Pagination in WordPress and Joomla Pages
  • Delete Operation in Block Outline
  • Link to Social Icons from Add Icon
  • Rich Text: Image Spacing
  • New Block and Page Templates

New FAQ Element (Beta)

We have introduced the new FAQ Element to organize questions and answers into one structure commonly used as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Users usually click on the question's row to expand and collapse answers.


Adding FAQ Element

As usual, you can add the FAQ Element from the Add Elements.


FAQ Element Content

The FAQ Element answers are based on the Rich Text Element, and you can add Headings and coloring to improve the readability. You can edit answers like in MS Word, which is simpler than moving and arranging various Elements in the Accordion. in the future, we are planning to add the Search in the FAQ's questions and answers.


FAQ Colors, Fonts, and Spacing

You can select the FAQ Element and change its Colors, Fonts, and Spacing Properties in the Property Panel.


Accordion Improvements

Accordion Item Border

We have improved the Accordion Element by adding the new Border property set in the Property Panel.


Accordion Item Icons

We have also added icons that you can set and use to expand Accordion Items.


List Repeater to Grid Repeater

Our usability tests showed that the concept of the Repeater is still unclear. In this update, we decided to experiment by renaming the previous List Repeater to the Grid Repeater, since layout-wise, this Element has many similarities with the regular Grid that is very simple to use.


Pagination for Blog Posts and Product List in WordPress and Joomla

In this update, we have supported the Pagination Property for Pages in the Nicepage WordPress Plugin and Joomla Extension.


Delete Operation in Block Outline

We have started to improve operations with Blocks in the Page Outline. Now you can delete Elements and Blocks in the Outline Panel.


Link to Social Icons from Add Icon

Since many users look for social icons in the Icon List, we have added the link to the Social Icons Element from the Icon.


Rich Text: Image Spacing

We have changed the default Image Spacing for the wrapped Images for the Rich Text Element.


Work In Progress

  • Carousel for the Image Gallery
  • Slider Arrows for Tablets and Phones
  • Support for Slide swiping

Fixed Issues

  • Application of the Product List Templates
  • Sending IP Address with sent email
  • Using From as email From in the email header
  • Adding of the Circle Image
  • Grid Repeater: Adding Circle Image
  • Grid Repeater: verifying Heading Width
  • Not applying the Poster for the Video Control
  • Applying presets to Accordion Buttons
  • Applying rules for adding Elements for some instances
  • Product Details: Product Thumbnails sizing in the Image Gallery
  • Losing attached files while exporting project
  • Backward compatibility of the Responsive Modes for the older project
  • Hover Animation for the Grid Element
  • Broken links in the Blog after the import
  • Blog Post: Failed to send a request on export
  • Changing Text Width for the Phone View
  • Nicepage Online: Recaptcha malfunctioning
  • Broken Modal Popups in some projects
  • Exporting Google parameters while exporting HTML
  • Accordion: left alignment in a Block
  • Accordion: incorrect padding
  • Circle Background for Icon
  • Social Icons: recoloring for the applied presets
  • Searching for Icons
  • Drag Cursor while moving the Social Icons
  • Applying a Color to the Header
  • Dubbing file names in the List for the File Option in the Link Settings
  • WordPress: Translation of the "Add To Cart" button with the Loco Translate plugin
  • WordPress: Product Details after importing
  • WordPress: the Old Price for Products with Variations in WooCommerce
  • WordPress: minor issues with the Header and Modal Popup
  • WordPress: minor problems with the Blog Posts Element
  • Joomla: showing Images in full articles
  • Joomla: import content with the replace content
  • Joomla: Sticky Footer option on Post Articles

Block and Page Designs

We have created new block and page designs up to this update.