What's New in This Update?

  • Distances With Alt Key
  • Improved Drag and Drop Performance
  • Pagination Property for Blog Posts and Product List
  • Post Count on Blog and Product List Templates for WordPress and Joomla
  • Name for Duplicated Site
  • Site Options Menu
  • Adding Blocks to Blog Template
  • Block Styles for Blog and Product Templates
  • Add Element Changes
  • Project Export During Trial for Nicepage Online
  • New Block and Template Designs

Distances By Holding Alt Key

We have added the feature to show the distances to the object in a Block by holding the Alit Key per multiple user requests.

To see the distances, please do the following:

  1. Click the Element to select.
  2. Press the ALT Key.
  3. Move the cursor while holding the Alt Key to see the distances.


Improved Performance of the Drag and Drop Operation

We have improved the performance of the Drag and Drop operation. And we are continuing the work on further progress in this direction.


Pagination Property for Blog Posts and Product List

Before, the Pagination was available as a separate Block and Element. And this Pagination was not available for Blog Posts and Product List Elements. Now, we have added the Pagination as a Property, and you can add it both to the Templates and the Blog Posts and Product List Elements to pages.


Post Count on Blog and Product List Templates for WordPress and Joomla

In the previous update, we have added support for the number of output Posts for the HTML Block. Now, we have supported this operation for the WordPress and Joomla websites designed with the Nicepage Editor.

NOTE: The Post Count option takes effect on blog pages after importing the content.


Name for Duplicated Site

In the previous update, we have added the operation to duplicate websites. However, the newly added Website had an auto-generated name, and you had to rename the site after the addition. Now, while duplicating sites, you will see the dialog offering you to change the name.


Site Options Menu

On the Dashboard, we have added the menu for the Website. Using this menu, you can open the Site Options, duplicate, export, and delete a Website.


Adding Blocks to Blog Template

We have changed the process of adding new Blocks to the Blog Template. Before, you could add block only via the Add New Block Dialog, which was inconsistent. Now you can add new Blocks faster, similar to the Products Templates.


Block Styles for Blog and Product Templates

In the Property Panel, we have changed the look of the Block Styles. Now, the Block Styles on Blog and Post Template in the Property Panel are in two columns similar to the Add Elements.


Add Element Changes

We are improving the Add Elements, and now since users do not distinguish the difference between Elements and Blocks in this List. Therefore we are trying various ideas.

The following is the new Add Image Gallery.


Project Export During Trial for Nicepage Online

Previously, we had user complaints that they could not download their projects after the trial without purchasing a subscription. Now we have changed that, and you can download Nicepage Projects from the Nicepage Online any time.


Fixed Issues

  • Broken pages after importing the project to the Desktop app from the Online Editor
  • Long file name in the link dialog
  • Occurring error while creating a new page in the Content Edit Only
  • Adding Element to Accordion
  • Crashing of the Popup
  • Minor issues with the Joomla eCommerce templates
  • Incorrect styles for the Add to cart button
  • Getting the dubbed text on the Button
  • Inheriting widths for the more minor responsive modes
  • Showing the Toolbar and icon over the HTML editing area
  • Incorrect links to PDF for image
  • Post Editor with the text properties missing
  • Adding client licenses if the update period has expired
  • Changing Columns for the List Repeater
  • Product image on the Shopping Cart template
  • Inserting image by the URL
  • Hiding the Block Sidebar for Modal Popup
  • Removing the Image after the HTML Export
  • Applying the Edit Link Dialog for the Menu
  • Ordering pdf files in the Edit Link Dialog

Block and Page Designs

We have created new block and page designs up to this update.