What's New in This Update?

  • New Accordion Element
  • Social Icons 2.0 Element
  • Importing Posts from Desktop to WordPress and Joomla
  • Duplicate Websites on Desktop
  • Blog Post Featured Image
  • Post Count for HTML Blog
  • New Block and Template Designs

New Accordion Element (Beta)

We have added the new Accordion Element, which is in Beta, per multiply user requests. You can use the Accordion Element to embody vertically stacked Tab Items containing Texts, Images, etc. You can expand and collapse each Accordion Tab to reveal the Content associated with that Tab. For now, the Accordion allows expanding only one Tab Item at a time.


In the future update, we will add Arrows and Icons so that you will use those on the Accordion Tabs.

Adding Accordion To Pages

You can add the Accordion Element from the Add Panel.


Adding New Tab to Accordion

To add a new to the Accordion Element, click the Plus icon on the Accordion Side Panel.


Duplicating Accordion Tabs

You can also duplicate the current Tab by clicking the Duplicate operation in the Context Toolbar or Context Menu options.


Moving Accordion Tabs

Move the Accordion Tabs by clicking on the Arrow icons in the Context Toolbar.


Accordion Colors, Fonts, and Spacing

You can select the Accordion Element and change its Colors, Fonts, and Spacing Properties in the Property Panel.


Adding Elements to Accordion

In the open Accordion Tab, click the round blue Plus Icon to add Elements from the Add Elements list.


Social Icons 2.0 Element

Per multiple user requests, we have reworked the Social Icons Element. Now you can add your favorite, move, and remove Social Icons for the Element.


Adding Social Icons

You can add a Social Network by clicking the Add Button in the Property Panel for the selected Social Icons Element and adding the needed ones from the list. We have chosen the most popular networks to start.


Moving Social Icons

You can move the Social Icons by clicking and dragging the Three-Dot Icon.


Editing Social Icon URL

To edit the URL of the Social Network, click on the link in the Property Panel.


Changing Social Icon

You can change the Social Icon for the Network by clicking on the Icon and selecting another from the Edit Icon dialog.


Recoloring Social Icons

Recolor the Social Icons by picking a color in the Property Panel.


You can restore original colors by selecting the No Color option in the Color Picker.


Social Icon Menu

You can also click the Options icon to use the operations supported for the Social Icons Element.


Importing Posts from Desktop to WordPress and Joomla

In this update, you can export Blog Posts from the Desktop Applications as a part of the Content. The posts will be created while you import the Content to your WordPress and Joomla.


Duplicate Websites on Desktop

You can now duplicate sites on the Dashboard in the Nicepage Desktop Application for Windows and Mac OS.


Blog Post Featured Image

Now you can set the Featured Image for a Blog Post in HTML.


For your convenience, you can also change the Featured Image in the Editor for the selected Blog Post Element in the Block or Blog Template.


You can also edit the Featured Image by clicking the Change Image Button in the Property Panel.


Post Count for Blog Template in HTML

For the Blog Template of the HTML Blog, now you can specify the number of Posts to output for the Element in the Blog Template. By default, there is no value, and the Blog Posts Element outputs all Posts.


Image Alignment and Wrapping for Rich Text Element

We have reworked and moved the Image Alignment Icons to the Context Toolbar since it was not easy for many users to find and use those.


Clear Formatting for Text Element

We have added the Clear Formatting option for the Text Element similar to the Rich Text Element.


Fixed Issues

  • Adding Blog Post removed the Custom Color
  • Block Anchor hyperlinks in the Online Editor
  • Empty File Link
  • Uploading Image for the Hamburger Icon
  • Naming of the imported Project to the Nicepage Application
  • SVG recoloring after adding to the Editor
  • Exporting of an HTML Site
  • Hyperlink color in Text
  • Changing Row for the Gallery Element
  • Opening file upload dialog while browsing for video from a URL
  • Updating WordPress Theme exported from Nicepage Application
  • Block Spacing in Sidebar
  • Changing Columns in the Blog Posts Element

Block and Page Designs

We have created new block and page designs up to this update.